Tarotscopes for March 9-15, 2014

Here are your weekly Tarotscopes. Enjoy! Feel free to share them with your friends.

Dreaming Way Tarot
Dreaming Way Tarot
Dreaming Way Tarot

Here are your weekly Tarotscopes. Enjoy! Feel free to share them with your friends.

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  • AQUARIUS SEVEN OF CUPS Dream a little dream. Indulge in fantastical thinking. Open up to possibilities. Excellent time for woolgathering.
  • PISCES SIX OF SWORDS Expect smooth sailing this week. Moving into calmer times. Space for just being. Less clutter more calm. It’s all good.
  • ARIES FIVE OF PENTACLES Make sure you have budgeted for unexpected home repairs. Money could be a worry this week. Double check repairs.
  • TAURUS THREE OF PENTACLES Time to put your knowledge to work. Collaborative efforts bring you the most bang. Projects need final tweaking.
  • GEMINI LOVERS Partnerships need focus. Try making it about them. Let them know they are important. Less navel gazing this week. More hugs.
  • CAN THE HANGED MAN Your perspective needs changing if you want to get out of this loop. Ask someone else. Then LISTEN to them. Change your view.
  • LEO FOUR OF PENTACLES Conserve energy. Don’t waste precious time. Great wk to focus on your projects. Don’t over-engage with those who don’t give back.
  • VIRGO THE MOON Inner feelings need exploring. Watch that depression doesn’t win. Trust your gut. Explore intuition more. You know this.
  • LIBRA THE MAGICIAN Every tool you need you already have. Create magic in your own world. No need to look to anyone for help. You are magic.
  • SCORPIO THREE OF CUPS Find a friend to celebrate life with. Then another. This will be a time to enjoy the passages of life. Seek joy y’all!
  • SAGITTARIUS ACE OF WANDS Want it? It’s yours as long as you make it grow. Don’t neglect the small things, baby. Good gardeners never neglect.
  • CAPRICORN TWO OF PENTACLES Better juggling necessary. Work is important but so is family. So is me-time. Don’t overdo in any area. Balance.

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Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

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