Hops, Fairies, + Blocks

Still, a brilliant procrastinator such as myself will stall trying to find the perfect deck, clean the cat litter box, take out the trash, organize those pictures from that 2002 trip. You know what I mean.

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It’s time for the Brigidmas Tarot Blog Hop. In my house it’s better known as staring at the pretty white screen on your computer wondering why the hell you signed up for this one.

Grin. Yeah, welcome to my version of writer’s block. I could blame Christiana. After all, she’s the wrangler for this one. She’s the one who suggested we write about healing or creativity or Tarot. I mean what the heck, Christiana! It’s just Imbolg, Candlemas, Imbolc, Brigid’s Day, Brigidmas.

Or is it Groundhog’s day?

Well, it’s that too.

Brigid is commonly held to be a Celtic deity. There are some who say she is a triple Goddess with areas of divine expertise in poetry, in healing and in smithcrafting. There are others who say she is a place-bound deity who is a well Goddess. I’m more in the former camp than than the latter.

Are you noticing how I’m totally avoiding actually writing about the topic? I’m goooooood, aren’t I? If I really wanted to, I could natter on about the Year of the Horse. It was New Year’s Day yesterday.

Still, it’s painfully obvious even to me that I am employing squirrel brain. So what do I tell my students of writing to do when they hit a block?

Pull a card. Yep, it’s one of the tips in my Tarot for Writers course.

Still, a brilliant procrastinator such as myself will stall trying to find the perfect deck, clean the cat litter box, take out the trash, organize those pictures from that 2002 trip. You know what I mean.

And if you can’t tell that I am literally typing what enters my brain, I’m glad for you. My brain–it’s a scary place sometimes.

How about a spread for taking down writer’s block? I can do that, right? I have several decks to choose from. A testament to my Tarot collection is that I have the following decks within easy reach:

Illuminati Tarot
Victorian Fairy Tarot
Egyptian Tarot
Ukiyoe Tarot
Cat’s Eye Tarot
Dreaming Way Tarot
Celestial Tarot
Robin Wood Tarot
Tree of Life Oracle

And that’s just on my table! I won’t list the decks floating around my living room. Nobody’s got time for that.

And nobody’s got time for writer’s block. So let’s do a spread. I like simple spreads that are 3-5 cards at the most. Lately I’ve been doing a bunch of free three card tarot readings. Three seems to be a good number for me.

Writer’s Block Smashing Spread

1. What’s the energy of this block?
2. What will help me break this block?
3. What will hinder me breaking this block?

This is the basis of most of my readings these days. The middle card is the issue at hand. In this case, this pesky block. Then I pull a card to see what will help me with the issue and one to see what will hinder me with the issue.

I grabbed the Victorian Fairy Tarot for no better reason than the soft colors appealed to me in this moment.

WritersBlock0041. The energy is the Ten of Winter. This is the Ten of Swords. A little fairy isn’t seeing that a HUGE badger is about to pounce. My take away from this is that my mind isn’t on the task at hand. DUH! πŸ˜€

2. The card to the left is what helps me. Here is another Ten. This one is the Ten of Spring or of Wands. Each of the fairies here has a task and they are seeing to it. I take this as prioritizing what needs to be done.

3. The card to the right is what hinders me. I had to laugh at this Four of Autumn or Pentacles. This is the miser’s card. The card that warns me to be careful with my resources.

Pretty clear answer to me. Focus, prioritize and budget my time wisely.

Oh look. I’m at the end of my post already. How did that happen? I hope you enjoyed this trip down my rabbit hole brain. Hop forward to Olivia’s blog or backwards to Christiana’s. If you find a link that isn’t working, just hit the master list to see all the blogs listed. There are twenty two participating this round. Leave a comment to let them know you were there. It’s the only payment any of us ask.
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11 thoughts on “Hops, Fairies, + Blocks”

  1. You brain looks a lot like mine when I am trying to avoid something.
    Procrastination is my middle name
    The spread looks very good. My inner critic will hate it πŸ˜€

  2. Yeah your post pretty much sums up how my own brain has been functioning today!! At least I can try to play it off as mental multitasking, which is supposed to be a good thing…ish?? Your opening line made me laugh, I kinda know what you mean. And your spread is great. I have some writers I’m going to pass it along to! πŸ™‚

  3. actually i think you just gave me an idea. i have one or two clients i feel are difficult to read for because there seem to be blockages with the messages i am trying to convey to them. part of the reason i now is the negativity and ultra skepticism they have about tarot. the only reason they came to me was to “test” me. so am going to use your blockage spread on them instead.

  4. I had to laugh as I read this – I had writer’s block with this topic too! I’ll definitely be using this spread to clear the blocks – thanks for this, Arwen!

  5. LOL I know squirrel brain and work avoidance well. I should be finishing a quote for a museum atm, but I’m all over the place instead It’s more foot-dragging than blockage in this case but I could waste some more time trying the spread out πŸ˜€

  6. I will not take responsibility for your writer’s block, but I will delight in the wonderful spread it inspired.
    I am sure to have need of this spread from time to time!
    What a great way to turn a negative into a positive, and to really delve into the reality of the creative process.

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