Tarotscopes January 12-18, 2014

Tarotscopes January 12-18, 2014

Robin Wood 14 Temperance
Robin Wood 14 Temperance
Robin Wood

AQUARIUS SIX OF SWORDS Remember to move away from the crazy in your life. Slow steady steps will work. Don’t run. It might follow. Let others help you.

PISCES THREE OF HEARTS Sometimes heartache happens. Allow yourself to feel sad for those you have lost. Allow yourself to heal. Time for love is coming.

ARIES DEATH Big change, darling. Are you ready? Clear the decks. Clutter is going to get blown away whether you like it or not. Focus on what must be changed.

TAURUS NINE OF SWORDS Anxiety keeping you up at night? Nightmares winning? Face them down. Reality check shows most of them are not real. Hang in there.

GEMINI SEVEN OF CUPS Nice week to dream a little, precious. Let your heart have some beach time. Real vacation may not be in the works this week but you can daydream.

CANCER ACE OF PENTACLES Begin now. Growth is happening but you must focus on it with all your energy. Don’t neglect the sprouting time. Germination is key!

LEO KNIGHT OF WANDS CHARGE! Time to pick up the weapons of choice. You may have to battle for your own passions to be met. If others won’t do it, you must.

VIRGO CHARIOT Fast week for you, baby. Don’t get pulled off your game. Monkey mind has no place this week so pull it together. Make sure everyone is heading the same way.

LIBRA HANGED MAN Time out. May have to sacrifice some things in order to get the bigger goal. Don’t overload your week. You need some thinking time.

SCORPIO TEMPERANCE You may have to be a mediator this week. Challenge them to change their focus, their energy. Show them how to redirect that crazy into a balanced life.

SAGITTARIUS EMPRESS What will you create this week? The ground is fertile. What you plant will grow so make it about self-care and loving yourself more.

CAPRICORN TEN OF SWORDS Ouch, honey. Who are you letting hurt you? Why are you just laying there and taking it? That’s not you! Get up and shake off those ugly remarks. Show them who you are.

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Robin Wood Tarot, Llewellyn 1991

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