Tarotscopes January 5-11, 2014

Dreaming Way Tarot

Dreaming Way TarotAQUARIUS THE EMPRESS Good week to set up some time to pamper yourself. Indulge in some me time that includes creativity and fertile thinking. Grow something.

PISCES THE SUN It’s your week, baby. Health, happiness and harmony are in the bag. Even the flowers turn towards your amazing brand of happy. SHINE!

ARIES TEN OF PENTACLES Prosperity comes in many forms. Take a minute to review yours. Open your heart to all the wealth in your life–family, friends, pets. It’s so much  more than money.

TAURUS STRENGTH Calm response is called for this week. Don’t let anyone stir you up to the point that you lose control. Focus on what you can actually change. Yourself.

GEMINI HIEROPHANT There are rules in place for a reason. Just because they chafe your bottom doesn’t mean you can ignore them. Grab a tube of diaper cream and get busy.

CANCER EIGHT OF WANDS Don’t expect quiet this week. Get prepared for a rodeo. Tons of activity coming your way. Be prepared. Put your running shoes on.

LEO THE WORLD Sometimes you have to wake up to what is happening. Don’t ignore friends’ advice. You don’t have to like it, but don’t ignore it. You might miss that opportunity.

VIRGO THREE OF CUPS Party on, dude. Meet friends. Get involved. Take action in making your own happiness. Commit to the process of living your life. Stop being a hermit.

LIBRA WHEEL OF FORTUNE Great week for playing games of chance. You have Lady Luck as your bestie. Take some risks. Watch for openings. Improvements and promotions this week.

SCORPIO KING OF CUPS Secrets are good. Keep them close. Not the best time to be a blabbermouth about your stuff. Be confident that your emotions are the right ones.

SAGITTARIUS PAGE OF SWORDS What’s coming your way this week? Mental tests. Intellectual acrobatics. Challenges that will make you think. So do that, okay? Stop and think first.

CAPRICORN THREE OF SWORDS Seems like some weeks it’s all about their trauma. Focus on helping the drama folk to stand down. Your week is going to be about them. Hang in there.

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