Tarotscopes for 12/29-1/4/14

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The Seeker, Gaian Tarot
The Seeker, Gaian Tarot
Gaian Tarot

Let’s bid a fond farewell to 2013. Remember the joy. Let the pain fade away. Focus on forward, joyful progress as we head into the new year.

Ready to see what 2014 holds for you? Book your LookAhead tarot reading now. $55/30 min. $95/60 min. Contact me to schedule now.

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  • AQUARIUS THE BUILDER (EMPEROR) Details are important. The little things count. Bless your boundaries for they keep you sane. Rule with love always.
  • PISCES SEVEN OF EARTH What needs gentle replanting in your life? What good habits have slipped? Be kind. Rewind. There’s no shame in renewal!
  • ARIES SEVEN OF AIR Sometimes putting down the map to enjoy the trip is best. Travel doesn’t have to be so regimented, does it? Relax. Just go.
  • TAURUS STRENGTH Sometimes strength means not saving someone again. Sometimes you have to let them fall so they can learn to save themselves.2014 Incredible Workbook
  • GEMINI FOUR OF FIRE Revisit your space requirements. The spiritual ones. Use your elbows if you must but make a wider sacred space for you.
  • CANCER TEMPERANCE Focus on what needs to change for better balance. Letting energy flow rather than blocking it could bring better results. Try it.
  • LEO FOUR OF EARTH Try to enjoy what you have. Less outgo creates more income. Tighten up the purse strings. Budget now for 2014 fun.
  • VIRGO MOON Focus on transitions. Cycles teach lessons on how to hold beauty and release sorrow. Pay attention to your dreams. Deep meanings.
  • LIBRA THREE OF AIR Clear the air of old emotional pain. Write letters to your child self, your future self, your now self. Forgive. Let go.
  • SCORPIO SEEKER Set your sights on the far mountains. Embrace the valleys that take you down because that’s where the roads that lead up start.
  • SAGITTARIUS TEN OF FIRE Careful! Don’t take on too much. You need to finish decluttering first. Get rid of energies that don’t serve you. Clear the air.
  • CAPRICORN NINE OF WATER So much potential for WOW. Open up to being filled up. When you whisper your power word, the Universe delivers. Beauty

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Today’s deck was my beloved Gaian Tarot. It’s my main reading deck for a reason.

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