Frogs, Choices + Transformations

Rather than lovers, the very things we did that weren’t the best choices were frogs.

Sacred World, 20 Frog

Sacred World, 20 FrogToday’s card reminds me of all the transformations I’ve gone through. From the child who would rather be reading a book to the teen who ran the streets with her friend to the young woman who explored her beliefs to the mature woman I am now.

Frog, from Kris Waldherr’s Sacred World Oracle, is a reminder that many of the choices we made in our lives could be seen as the frogs we kissed. [Tweet “Rather than lovers, the very things we did that weren’t the best choices were frogs.”]

So yeah, I had to kiss a lot of frogs to get where I am today.

On last night’s show with Bindiya Aravandeker, we talked about the Akashic Records and bad choices. Bindiya shared her thoughts on how working with them helped her. Now she helps others with the same access. Learning why we continuing to make the same bad choices can be very helpful in moving away from them.

I was so impressed to learn that she gives away a free session to any woman ready to begin working through sexual abuse issues. She is very clear that she does this in a very sacred, spiritual way. When she talked about this on the show, I nearly cried. It was so amazing.

You can see last night’s show here.

What about you? Journal prompt for today is, “What choices do I keep repeating and why?”.

Frog, Sacred World Oracle, U.S. Games 2013

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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