Anchors, Critics + Fear

We all have these walls. Some are tall. Some are thick. I think they are all…

Illuminati_8CupsToday I am reminded that “it is not the critic who counts;” as President Theodore Roosevelt said in his “daring greatly” speech. In this card from the lavishly illustrated Illuminati, we see a man turning away from eight empty cups. He is letting go of emotional anchors so that he can go out and become who he knows he was meant to be.

Letting go of anchors can be very difficult. Journaling helps me. Working through is helping me [aff]. Letting myself love myself is helping me.

Eventually our Tarot figure will hold his head up. He will realize that where he puts his feet isn’t so important as where he points his heart. The scene is important in this card for me. The imposing rock walls he must pass through. The Moon turning from new to full. He has to squeeze himself through the self-built rock walls. Then he has to let the thin, pale light of a new moon illuminate his way.

[Tweet “What about me? What self-built walls do I have to get past?”] Oh so many indeed, my darlings. So very many indeed.

The wall of self-doubt.
The wall of self-denial.
The wall of Inner Mean Girl.

We all have these walls. Some are tall. Some are thick. I think they are all illusions. They are all paper-thin just waiting for us to burst through them onto a new playing field.

Don’t let fear hold you back. Don’t let emotional anchors weigh you down. Hold your head up. Trust your feet. Trust your journey.

Eight of Cups, [aff], Llewellyn Publishing, 2013

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

3 thoughts on “Anchors, Critics + Fear”

  1. A very uplifting post. I have those walls. Of course I do. Who hasn’t. But by being kind and caring for myself they crumble bit by bit…..All I need is patience and I will open my doors and windows one by one

  2. Beautiful, poetic post, Arwen! It’s funny, this year I’m putting less pressure on myself with the workbook, and enjoying the process more – maybe that’s something else I’ve learned this year 🙂

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