Tarotscopes for December 8-14, 2013


Hey, y’all! Thanks for checking in on your December 8-14, 2013 Tarotscopes. Don’t forget that if you buy this downloadable workbook/planner that I swear by, you get a free three card reading from me. Contact me if you already bought it. I want you to have your free reading. 2013 was one of my most amazing years ever and this workbook was part and parcel of that success. I want that for you too!

  • AQUARIUS FOUR OF FIRE Sacred isn’t somewhere to go. It’s somewhere to make. Create your holy ground. Imbue your space with what you need.
  • PISCES FOUR OF WATER Look deep into the well of self. What emotions need to be cleared? To be nurtured? To be cleansed? To be fed? Do it.
  • ARIES THE HIGH PRIESTESS Secrets. Quiet understanding. Knowledge of self. Internal evaluation week needed. Turn inward for best results.
  • TAURUS CHILD OF WATER Open up on emotional levels. Let others in. Someone may be tapping at your front door. Let ’em in. Let ’em in. Love expands.
  • GEMINI ACE OF EARTH Every fawn has to learn to stand on their own feet if they are going to survive. Launch your own survival story this week.
  • CANCER LIGHTNING Sometimes it does strike twice. Learn from the moment. Brilliant insight sometimes hurts because it exposes the lies.
  • LEO SIX OF AIR Your best energy is spent with those who believe as you do. Not a week for debate. Choose harmony. Choose compassion. Choose you.
  • VIRGO GUARDIAN OF EARTH Compassion and nurturing are your strengths this week. You may need a shoulder. You may be a shoulder. Love strong.
  • LIBRA TWO OF WATER Love, love love. All you need is love, love love. Yeah. That about sums it up, darlings. One heart to love them all.
  • SCORPIO ELDER OF EARTH Time to focus on physical needs. Are you taking care of yourself? Are you watching the bank account? Eating right?
  • SAGITTARIUS SUN Yes, do put yourself out there. Yes, do let others see how fabulous you are. Now is the time to shine, baby shine. Burn it up!
  • CAPRICORN THREE OF AIR Time to write letters. Maybe a good time to clear the air with someone. Even if you can’t send the letter, writing it will help.

White Trees near Fort Sumner, NM, December 8, 2013, Arwen Lynch (c)

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