Tarotscopes for December 1-7, 2013

Tarotscopes for December 1-7, 2013…what does this first week of December hold for you?

Cats_PentaclesAceThis week’s deck is the Cat’s Eye Tarot. It’s far more than a “YAY KITTIES” deck. This deck goes deep with images that may be furry but they certainly aren’t fluffy.

Join me tomorrow, 12/2, at 10pm EST for it’s only Rock n’ Roll with David Rosenhaus on You Never Know. Miss last week’s show with PA Minell and the Maori Oracle? Catch it in the archives.

    • AQUARIUS TWO OF PENTACLES Make work fun. Make play work. They don’t have to be separate. Imbue your every day with an upbeat attitude. WIN!
    • PISCES TEN OF PENTACLES Sometimes it’s all about the work you do. Rewards come from past efforts. Enjoy family. Enjoy community. Enjoy life.
    • ARIES TWO OF WANDS Choices make you stretch. In a good way but don’t over think this. See what you want. Decide which to go for this week. Do it.
    • TAURUS THE HANGED KITTY Perspective makes you wise. Look at things from someone else’s POV to find resolutions to tangles. Comfortable thinking doesn’t serve you.
    • GEMINI FIVE OF CUPS Personal loss may be for the best. Cleanse your emotional palate by letting go of guilt anchors. Bless them and release them.
    • CANCER KNIGHT OF WANDS Going higher is best. Think your way up. Good week for flight plans vs. gutter roaming. Catch my drift? THINK UP, darlings.
    • LEO PAGE OF PENTACLES It’s okay, baby. Growth is scary. New jobs beckon but you’ve got to move past your “can’t do it” fears. You can. Just do it.
    • VIRGO KING OF PENTACLES Family comes first. Worries about bills weigh you down. Head up. You’ve got this. You rule your budget AND your heart.
    • LIBRA SIX OF SWORDS Feeling trapped? Turn around. Door’s open if you will free your mind. Stop looking for potholes. Just enjoy the damned drive, will ya? 😀
    • SCORPIO FIVE OF WANDS Fun competition can turn sour fast. Make sure you keep the playful attitude. Don’t slide into “do or die” checkers, okay?
    • SAGITTARIUS SIX OF CUPS Gentle. With yourself. With others. Nostalgia about the way things were leads you to seeing how things can be. Lead with love.
    • CAPRICORN ACE OF PENTACLES Time to start. Plan for your next growth. Stick a pin in it. Start. Your baby steps now lead you to major gains. Get going.

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