Cupid, Dreams + Vajayjays

Dreams are a funny thing. We all have them. We all chase them. What happens when you catch them?

DaliTarot_2CupsToday’s card is from yet another deck that I don’t own. I know. Shocker! But it’s hard to find and expensive when you do find it.

The Two of Cups from the Dali Tarot shows Cupid leaving Psyche’s bed–if I remember correctly. He’s the answer to her dreams. Or is he?

Dreams are a funny thing. We all have them. We all chase them. What happens when you catch them?

For me, I like dreams that are catchable, achievable. Dreams that are not going to be realized often annoy me. I do have “pie in the sky” dreams, but for the most part, I want realizable (is that even a word) dreams.

I love this quote by Marcia Wieder of DreamU. She says, “You can change your beliefs so they empower your dreams and desires. Create a strong belief in yourself and what you want.”

What do you want? What is your belief in yourself? You have the ability to change your beliefs so they empower you. What choices will you make today?

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We had a good time on last night’s You Never Know. You can see the archive here:

Did she really say magical vajayjay?

Two of Cups, Dali Tarot

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

2 thoughts on “Cupid, Dreams + Vajayjays”

  1. I do like to have realizable dreams, but I wouldn’t want to live without the childlike dreams where anything is possible and the sky isn’t limit:
    What do I want the most right now? Being able to manage the holiday’s so everyone Including myself will two enjoyable peaceful days. I’ll hope this dreams is cathable. 🙂

  2. Taschen is set to publish a new edition of the Dali Tarot at a lower price. Amazon has it set for preorder on June 1 2014 at a price of 26.99. There’s a US Games edition that came out in 2012 and is still in print and is $70.63 at Amazon. I haven’t seen either of these — mine is the older edition with a gold edge — so I can’t vouch for the physical quality of the cards themselves.

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