imageTarotscopes for November 3-9

AQUARIUS LIGHTNING Expect the unexpected. Brilliant moments May light up your life. Keep pen/paper handy for new ideas/processes. Prepare.

PISCES SEVEN OF EARTH Start planting future ideas now. Planning spring gardens or projects needs to begin ASAP. Create your own business plans.

ARIES SEVEN OF AIR OVerplanning? Over plotting? Too many lists can paralyze forward motion. Free yourself by putting done the map. Trust yourself.

TAURUS LOVERS What partnership needs attention? Focus on fostering love for self first, then others. Spiritual connections emphasized.

GEMINI THREE OF FIRE Now’s the time to create opportunity. How’s the moment to bring on the charm. Get what you want by being who you are.

CANCER ACE OF EARTH Fertile ground for seed business. Ideas need practical application to grow. Sometimes manure really is the best fertilizer.

LEO CHILD OF FIRE Well sometimes you have to let your curiosity lead. Burn? Maybe. But the payoff could be worth the risk. Go for it. 😀

VIRGO STRENGTH Focus wins the week. Figuring out what to focus on? The thing you want to do least. Sorry but it’s a veggies before dessert week.

LIBRA TEMPERANCE What you put in needs to be what you want out. Your energy defines your personal encounters. Focus on staying in the moment.

SCORPIO 10 OF FIRE Taking on too much can mean nothing gets done well. Saying no is better right now. Too many broken promises otherwise.

SAGITTARIUS MAGICIAN What is the magic calling you to create? What you put your will to, happens. Challenges should be met with creativity.

CAPRICORN FIVE OF EARTH Mind who you let in to your inner circle. Some take more than they give. Household expenses may take more as well.

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