So we had some great discussions about my last post here and over on @TeoBishop’s blog as well. Someone made the statement about this lack of question approach allowing her to come to this exercise with a beginner’s mind. I was really struck by that.

Think about it. When I first approached the Tarot, it was by default with a beginner’s mind. I had no preset conceptions of what each card meant. I didn’t know that the Tower meant what I now accept it to mean. So for today’s exercise I am going to still use my World Spirit tarot. Partly because it is the one I have the easiest access to for images and partly because it is a deck I know very well. So this beginner’s mind approach will be a challenge.

What are you building? You seem tense. Your shoulders are tight. You have taken what you are building and turned it into a defense system. Do you see how you are blocking others from you with this?
Moving in the dead of the night. Is it a bad situation or are you running from something? Is this classic avoidance or is it you accepting the truth and moving on?
Celebrate joy. Be an infant again and enjoy something simply for the sake of enjoying it. You’ve been centered again and now you can grow again. Start the journey with a youthful heart (dare I say a beginner’s mind) and find yoru own personal brilliance.

So um wow. This turned into a way for me to get some messages for myself. Not what I expected. Now the meanings are still very similar to what the cards actually mean to me. 7 of Wands -defensive position, guarding what is yours. 6 of Swords – moving from troubled times into better ones. Sun – Joy and happiness and health.

But there were significant differences for me when I did them this way.

I also accidentally read them out of order. I started with the 6 Swords then the Sun and then realized I’d left one out so I went back. That was also interesting.

I suppose I could read them in any order since there are not positions. I am SUCH a linear girl sometimes. Must be the writer in me. Every story had a beginning, a middle and an end. I’ve never been one to read the end to see if I will like the book.

We shall see how I do with this Beginner’s Mind. We shall see.

And if you would like a reading, I would be honored. Simply honored. It is one of my greatest joys to read for others.

Thanks for following and liking me!

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  1. I like this approach to reading the cards. It makes more sense to me. I had to LOL when I read your comment about reading the ending to see if you like the story. I do that quite frequently.


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