Tarotscopes for 10/27-11/2/13

Enjoy this week’s tarotscopes. I look forward to hearing from you about your past week. How did it go? What joy did you find? What lessons did you learn?

Fat, cold raindrops fall
Bringing fall’s breath in again
Tea is a comfort

Arwen Lynch

I do love haiku that pops into my head while walking the dogs.

Today I celebrate the damp ground with the snails lacing their trails across my path. I drink in the beauty of the green leaves set off against a grey sky. I give thanks for the raindrops on my nose as I pass under oak trees waiting to share. Loved and loving, I love each of you. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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This week’s Tarotscopes were done with Beth Seilonen’s Bleu Cat Tarot [aff] from Schiffer Books (out 10/28/2013). It’s a charming deck and quite different from her Dream Raven Tarot.


  • AQUARIUS HIEROPHANT Others may come to you to learn your rules. Let them explore the boundaries as they learn how to fit into your world.
  • PISCES CHARIOT Time to go forward. Don’t look back. You aren’t going that way. Eyes and energy need to be reined in so you can get shit done!
  • ARIES KNIGHT OF FISHES Accept what is brought to you. May not be your perfect gift but it’s heartfelt. Honor the giver’s heart most. Love shared.
  • TAURUS EIGHT OF FEATHERS Patience. Some tangles need untangling. Naysayers try to alter your joyward progress. Control your reactions first.
  • GEMINI WHEEL OF FORTUNE Make that pendulum swing in your favor. Create opportunity. Take advantage of offers. This is a week for GOOD THINGS.
  • CANCER PAGE OF PLANTS Things you planted a while ago start to grow. Forgotten projects call to you. Answer the phone! Good week for reviewing.
  • LEO TEN OF BALLS Wow. You really can do it all this week. You can actually say yes to one more thing. Earn your multitasker kudos. Get ‘er done!
  • VIRGO PAGE OF BALLS Focus on learning. Balance tips towards studying rather than playing. Work emphasized. You may win an award for your brain power.
  • LIBRA EMPEROR Protect what is yours. Guard resources but don’t be stingy. Share without harming yourself. Family is your focus right now.
  • SCORPIO ACE OF PLANTS What can you grow this week? What can you give your passion to? Something must happen. It’s up to you to make it.
  • SAGITTARIUS THREE OF FISHES Synchronize some fun times with those you enjoy. Don’t waste time on those who don’t. Make this a week to celebrate friends.
  • CAPRICORN FIVE OF BALLS Sometimes you ask too much of yourself. Would it be so bad to honor your need for a time out? Small home repairs probable.

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I look forward to hearing from you about your past week. How did it go? What joy did you find? What lessons did you learn?

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

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