Tarotscopes 10/13-10/19/13

Adventure_2Swords002This week’s tarotscopes were done with the Fradella Adventure Tarot. It’s one of my faves and used to be my primary reading deck.

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  • AQUARIUS TWO OF MASKS Time to reveal your heart. Open up. Yes, it’s scary. Do it any way. Deepen and strengthen existing relationships with honesty.
  • PISCES JUDGMENT What is the next level? May be time to stop worrying about what it looks like and start real work on getting there. Rise up.
  • ARIES DEVIL Damned if you do but double damned if you don’t fight those personal addictions. Stop hurting yourself. Be kind to your body please.
  • TAURUS FOUR OF MASKS Reflections can be useful as long as you aren’t wallowing in self-pity. Do the work to pull yourself up. You’ve got this.
  • GEMINI TWO OF DISCS Multitaskers unite. Look for others who can help you balance the work load. Best person for the job may be someone else. Delegate.
  • CANCER QUEEN OF BLADES Cut to the chase. Take charge of the situation by involving everyone. Rule your tongue this week please. Some things don’t need to be said.
  • LEO FOUR OF BLADES Honey, when’s the last time you stopped? Make it happen or you may get a time out from the Universe. Relax a bit.
  • VIRGO KING OF BLADES They put you in charge for a reason. Your mental acumen is needed. Cut emotions out of this decision. What’s best for all?
  • LIBRA EIGHT OF STAVES Mental challenges light you up. Carry a “bring it” attitude with you this week as you take on all comers. Fast and furious.
  • SCORPIO QUEEN OF STAVES Call to action. Many projects require your attention. Don’t blink. Details are extremely important for success. Game on.
  • SAGITTARIUS EMPEROR Take care of what is yours. Don’t extend your borders this week. Your home and hearth needs to be most important. Obey your own rules.
  • CAPRICORN PAGE OF STAVES Call to action from a younger person could widen your horizons or just tick you off. Your reactions matter so keep the peace.

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