Rainbows, Goddesses + Loss

Rainbows, Goddesses + Loss….what do you think of that?

Last week on the 2nd, I shared the Five of Earth from the Dark Goddess Tarot (Ellen Lorenzi-Price). Part of that sharing was two questions.

I drew two cards from a different deck to answer the questions.
Qustion One: “What am I doing to foster my feelings of lack and loss?”

Using the Rainbow Travellers Tarot (Carmen Waterman), the first card I drew is the Ten of Swords. Ouch, RTT. Not going to be gentle with me are you? FINE!

There aren’t many places that I do feel lack and loss but in one area? Oh yeah. And I foster that feeling by playing the poor me routine. I don’t go out when I could. And then when I can’t, I whine about never going out. LOL I set up my own self-fulfilling prophecy you see.

Question Two: “How can I reroute that thinking into positive avenues of change?”

And the really fabulous Seven of Wands shows up. She is dressed to be seen, be noticed, have some “out there” time.

And could these cards be more visually different? One is almost below ground with the tall weeds or grass out the window. The other is way up in the clouds.

So to get out, I need to get out. LOL

I KNEW that! Phhhhbbbt!

Yes, this is a very good example of the Tarot pointing out something I already knew. People who have Tarot conversations with me can corroborate that. I tell you what you already knew–most folks say it is confirming.

I like that. Do you want to have a confirming Tarot conversation with me? Use the Get A reading button to contact me. Let’s set it up.

Of course, not when I have “out time” scheduled. 😉

Rainbow Travellers Tarot, Carmen Waterman, self-published

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