Tarotscopes October 6-12, 2013

Hey y’all! Welcome to this week’s tarotscopes. We are looking at October 6-12, 2013. I advocate for reading your sun, moon and rising signs. Don’t know what they are? Find a great astrologer to help you out. David is one I love as is Corrine Kenner. Yes, they both do tarot too. No, I would not be offended if you got a reading from them. I think it’s a good thing to try out others. You may prefer their style to mine.


  • AQUARIUS SUN Turn on the charm, sweetheart. Your eclectic sense of humor can make connections you didn’t expect. Spotlights on. What will you do now?
  • PISCES FOUR OF WATER STOP! Time to clear out some emotional refuse. Declutter your poor-me closet pronto. Time to reach out and connect with others!
  • ARIES STRENGTH Make a note. Don’t overdo. Focus on controlling your attitude. Channel high energy into productive things. Avoid conflict please.
  • TAURUS TEN OF AIR Learn from others. Take a back seat this week. See what is required then take it on. Time to let another lead. For now.
  • GEMINI NINE OF FIRE Time to get centered. You’ve been running 5 directions and all at 100+ MPH. Stop. Sit. Focus. Slow your roll to find yourself.
  • CANCER NINE OF EARTH An attitude of gratitude will save your sanity this week. Focus RIGHT NOW on what you have. Let go of what you think you need.
  • LEO STAR You can shine. Your goals just need to be polished a bit. Are you still reaching for a goal you already have? Time to check that list, baby.
  • VIRGO CANOE Sometimes learning how to paddle with others is hard. Talk about your direction versus theirs. You can head the same way. Just talk.
  • LIBRA EIGHT OF EARTH Classes? Might not be a bad idea but will you teach or take? You can do either, you know. Celebrate your connections.
  • SCORPIO EXPLORER OF FIRE Push it. Push it real good. Oh yeah! You are going to have a passionate week. Mind your temper please. Some may try to rile you.
  • SAGITTARIUS TWO OF EARTH Sometimes decisions are hard because someone is going to whine. You are the fulcrum so choose for YOU not them this time.
  • CAPRICORN THE TREE Hey! The Universe asks what will you sacrifice NOW to get what you want? Stop filling the time with do-nothings, please.

Today the Tarot Telesummit is free. If you missed an episode or wanted to relisten, just go here. You will sign up and get an email telling you how to listen. I did Judgment.

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