Cats, Birth + Creativity

MedievalCat_3EmpressToday’s card is from a 2004 deck. It’s not a deck I thought I would enjoy, but it has surprised me. It’s got a very whimsical feel to it even couched in the trappings of the medieval times.

Here is the Papess of the Medieval Cat Tarot. She represents the sacred feminine and is the Empress in most decks.

The Empress is a card that I truly love. The idea of being pregnant with possibility appeals to me. Yes, she is often a card associated with motherhood, but we often overlook the idea that giving birth can be to more than children.

As a writer, I give birth to my books. As a Tarot conversationalist, I give birth to new spreads.

There are so many things that we give birth to–even in small, every day ways when we have an idea that will help us do something better.

Acknowledge your own creative self. Celebrate the fecundity of your life.

Journal prompt is: “What have I given birth to in my life. What do I want to give birth to in my life? How can the energy of the Empress help me?”

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2 thoughts on “Cats, Birth + Creativity”

  1. Not sure this is one I need to journal about, I’m pretty clear about the things I’ve created and that I want to create in the recent past and future. Still, I like the reminder that the Empress can help me in that, and I like this Popess with her pomegranates and book. She reminds me that we, as women, can do so much more than is sometimes allowed us or expected of us… 🙂

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