Boobs, Battles + Owls

Black_17StarToday’s card is a rather dark look at a bright card. Of course,when it is from this deck illustrated by Royo, you can see where the dark comes from.

Famed fantasy artist, Luis Royo, is known for his muscular warriors and scantily clad women. This is not one of his helpless women. Oh no. This Star bears a bloody sword and a determined look. Nothing stands between her and her goal.

The owls behind her are dramatic, but I honestly can’t see how they tie into the Star energy. Well maybe I can. The Star does had a meaning of higher education and lofty goals. Perhaps the owls here are symbols of that.

The bloody sword is a nice touch as is her bare boob. I read a ton of fantasy. I adore the sword and sorcery genre. It never fails to tickle me when I see a warrior babe like this. I mean what idiot goes to war with her booby hanging out like that? She has to know that is going to hurt when it gets sliced.

Shrug. Maybe she’s into that sort of thing? I don’t judge her for it.

But look at her eyes. They are very owl like, aren’t they? As if she’s seen so much war that now she knows what she is fighting for. Now she knows why she is striving for that higher goal.

What about you? What higher goal are you willing to fight for? What motivates you into battle mode?

Yep, that was your journal prompt. Didn’t want you to miss it.

Star, The Black Tarot, N.H. Fournier S.A., aff

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One thought on “Boobs, Battles + Owls”

  1. Ha, several things motivate me into battle mode, not always for the good. Anyone attacking my family or friends. People being fundamentalist about any belief. I don’t mind the belief, I mind the fundamentalism, the idea that their being right means everyone else is wrong… That one’s harder to justify getting upset about than the friends and family, as it’s generally “just” about ideas. Still, both matter to me.

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