Mabon: Why We Have Night And Day

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Welcome to the Mabon Tarot Blog Hop. This is our second year of hopping. Our intrepid wrangler is Christiana Gaudet, CTM. She gave us the topic of Divination and Myth.

If you are looking for this week’s tarotscopes, go here. Then come back. πŸ˜€

I thought of so many things. I thought I might discuss why one person’s mythology is another person’s religion and talk about respect for all paths.

I thought I might create a spread. But then I realized, I wanted to share with you something I wrote a long time ago. Seventeen years ago I challenged myself to write a myth. To create an answer to a question I might have had if I’d lived in another time. Here is that myth. Because this is a Tarot blog hop, I’ll follow this with a spread based on this myth.

Why We Have Day and Night

by Arwen Nightstar aka Stephanie Arwen Lynch, 1996

In the very beginning, the world had only light on one side and dark on the other. This is because the Sky Lady sat above the Earth with Her cape of midnight blue covered with stars over one half of the Earth. The other half was lit by a blazing ball. This ball was yarn that She was using to make a jacket for her son the Moon. The people on the dark side of the Earth only saw the Moon, but they knew his mother could give them light. They prayed to the Moon and asked him to intervene for them with his mother. He listened to their pleas and decided to try to talk to Her.

Now, the Sky Lady had expressly forbidden Her son to bother Her while She was creating his jacket. She was knitting and didn’t want to drop any stitches because the ball of blazing light would burn Her fingers. The young and impulsive moon considered the ways he could approach Her. After thinking about all his options he decided that it best to sneak up behind Her. You see,being quite young, he did not always think things through clearly.

So, he crept up under the cover of his mother’s cape of stars. As he was almost to Her, he stumbled and fell into Her. Startled, the Sky Lady jumped up which caused the blazing ball of yarn to fall from Her lap. Quickly She lunged for it, but it was just out of Her reach. She leapt to Her feet to chase after that ball, but it rolled along the horizon just ahead of Her. Her son knew that his mother was going to be cross with him so he thought it would be wisest for him to remain behind Her so he clung to her cape with a two fisted grip.

From the Earth’s point of view, we see the sun going across the sky and then the cape of night pulling darkness, stars and the moon behind it. Really, it is the Sky Lady trying to catch her ball of yarn.

Night and Day Spread

  • Yarn
  • Sky Lady
  • Moon
  • Chase

The Yarn card represents a current creative project. You may already be working on it or you may just need a spark of an idea.

The Sky Lady is that part of yourself that is trying to create. Here is the card that points out your strengths. You can use this card as a reminder that your creative self is not so very far away.

The Moon is that part of yourself that interferes with your creativity. This card alerts you to things you do that set up blocks for your own creative self. For me, this is the cat box card. I heard a writer say once that she knew she was good at avoiding work when cleaning the cat box took precedence. Let this card be your early warning system to things you do that mess up your creative flow.

The final card in this four card spread is the Chase. This is how you can combine the three other cards into a vital, growing project. By marrying the three, you can learn ways to turn seemingly bad things into more ways to channel your creativity.

Lay it out left to right with the Yarn being in the front, the Sky Lady chasing it and the Moon behind her. The Chase card is beneath them.

I hope you will take a moment to try this spread out. I invite you to leave your thoughts in the comments or link to your own work with this spread.

One of the best things I did for myself last year for my own creative processes was to join an online community. This gave me access to workshops and people and networks that fostered me. I learned how to nurture my spiritual self as well. If you have a minute, check it out. The price is getting doubled on October 1. This is an affiliate link!

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Images used are from the Fradella Adventure Tarot (OOP) from U.S. Games. Used with permission. No further reproduction granted.

24 thoughts on “Mabon: Why We Have Night And Day”

  1. yarn- Q of wands, sky – 9 of wands, moon – 8 of cups, chase – 10 of wands. I’m creating a business that can sustain my passion. I have the strength to see it through to the end. Interference happens when I try to go it alone. Combining the 3 cards leads to burn baby burn, travel light by leaving behind everything that doesn’t work for me.

  2. The cat box card! That has amused my greatly lol… I always see it as a bad sign if the house is over tidy… I start thinking… mmmm…. you really should be doing something more interesting πŸ˜€ Next time I get the urge to grab the hoover, I will give your spread a whirl instead πŸ˜€

  3. Beautiful myth, Arwen! It’s a question that has been answered so many ways in different mythologies, and this really felt like an authentic myth. Loved the spread, too, and you named it πŸ˜‰

  4. Love your Night and Day Spread! Am so trying it. And you know, you mentioned about the best thing was joining an online community and how it helped in your creativity. I feel the same way too. I learnt so much. Better than any teacher could have taught me.

  5. I love this. My mother was a knitter. As I read the story I kept hearing her say to young me “Be quiet, I’m counting…Darn! I dropped a stitch!”
    I love how creative this myth is, and that the Hop caused you to revisit it after so many years. I love this sort of spread, too, where each card represents a piece of the story.

  6. Great story, BTW. Reminds me of a Native American story about how the stars ended up being random (involving an impulsive Fox, and a Lady).

    Spread is great and gave me some interesting things to put together (Chariot–7Wands–AcePents–4Swords). Hey, maybe just rest and it will all come together!

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