Divine Mind, Right Intention + Journalling

Today’s post offers a journal prompt about exploring the idea of Divine Mind and Right Intention.

FifthTarot_1SwordsToday’s card speaks to me. It calls to my sense of purpose. Here we have the One of Feathers (Swords) from the Fifth Tarot. I really like this deck even though it adds a fifth suit. That threw me at first. 😀

Divine Mind. What does that mean to you? Does it mean think of God? Think like God? Think with God/

I see God as Many from Two from One from the Void. You may see God as part of a holy trinity. You may see God as a wise tree in a deep forest. It’s all good to me. Many paths to the same source as long as we are walking with Right Intention.

Right Intention. What does that mean to you?

I love how the eagle soars up on the thoughts of itself. The feather is the guide to push higher and higher to reach that Divine Mind of God.

In this beautiful card we have the lilacs and violets that remind me of the third eye chakra. I can’t help but see a spiritual enlightenment here.

But what does it mean when you want to live a spiritually enlightened life but must present your physical self in the here and now? I think some do this by being so avant garde that they can’t (or is it won’t) function in what we call the real world.

Many of us don’t have that luxury. And yes, it is a luxury to me.

So your journal prompt for today is, “How do I seek a Divine Mind self that walks with the Right Intention while maintaining my physical self?”

I’d love to hear your results.

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One of Feathers, Fifth Tarot

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