Virgo, Tamales & Firebrands

SevenfoldMystery_13WandsToday’s card is a lovely example of a firebrand who’s learned to control her fire and make her brand anyway. She reminds me of my friend, Ruth. I met Ruth a few years ago at a community market. Another friend had met me there for coffee and some of the best tamales I’ve ever had. Those tamales were there because of Ruth. No, Ruth didn’t make the tamales…Roz did. But Ruth was the passion behind the Renaissance Market. Sadly that wonderful incubator for microbusinesses lost their lease when the building owners wouldn’t renew (they wanted to sell it outright).

Luckily for me, that firebrand (who happens to be a Virgo) stayed in touch. She is off to new, wonderful things in Oklahoma now but my life was forever changed by that woman. She’s intense. She’s a straight shooter. She’s passionate about what she believes in. And let me tell you what. If she believes in something, get the hell out of her way. She will make it happen. She believes things into being. I swear she does.

I learned a lot about living a passionate life from her in the few meetings we had. It’s not like we hung our or were besties. It’s just that I saw in her the kind of woman I knew I could be. Someone who could live their life as they chose without worrying about what other people thought.

Yeah…that Ruth. She’s definitely a Queen of Wands. This Queen of Stave is from Robert M. Place’s Tarot of the SevenFold Mystery. Lovely, isn’t she? In charge of herself and her passion, that’s our girl.

Your journal prompt today is, “What does living a passionate life mean to me?”

Queen of Staves, Tarot of the SevenFold Mystery, Robert M. Place
Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

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P. to the S. The image is from the app for the Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery.

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  1. I like that this Queen of Wands seems to be looking inward, finding her inner fire so she can bring it out and into the world 🙂 Living a passionate life, for me, is about living creatively and doing things I believe in. And yes, I aspire to the Queen of Wands’ energy, too 😀

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