September Tarotscope Podcast + 9/1-9/7/2013

It’s a month’s worth of Tarotscopes in my free monthly podcast for September. And don’t miss this week’s Tarotscopes as well. It’s a 2-4-1 Tarotscopes Sunday! Plus there’s an invitation just for you to a free online Tarot sharing that I am super excited about! Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on. Read more…

Welcome to September 2013. 😀 Here are your weekly Tarotscopes for 9/1-9/7. Below these you will find the link to my more in-depth monthly Tarotscope podcast. I appreciate all the sharing via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and more.

    • AQUARIUS WORLD Expect rewards. Accept expansion. Level up, baby. Open your arms to embrace all that is coming your way. Yes, all.
    • PISCES SEVEN OF WANDS Share with others. Don’t bend so much as build. Bridges can be created but you don’t have to give up everything to meet in the middle.
    • ARIES STAR Jump for what you want. Make a goals list. Start small. Build up. Reach up. Expect inspiration. Honor hope. It’s within reach.
    • TAURUS NINE OF COINS Look at you go, darlin’! Take five to catalog all your blessings. More coming. Can you believe it? You better. That’s the secret.
    • GEMINI FOUR OF SWORDS Focus on what you can let go of. Need to create space. Make a quiet zone in your head. Focus on more sleep. Recover your balance.
    • CANCER TWO OF SWORDS Mental back and forth eased when you realize you are fighting with yourself more. Compromise within your own heart to succeed.
    • LEO THREE OF COINS Professional growth comes when you have an action plan that means something to you. Don’t waste time. Call to action is urgent!
    • VIRGO NINE OF CUPS Make a wish. Heart’s desire is at hand. Focus on your full cups to see the amazing life you already lead. Time to love.
    • LIBRA JUDGMENT Let go of spiritual anchors. Why hold on to the past? They aren’t! Move on. Move up. Transcendence awaits.
    • SCORPIO ACE OF CUPS Love is in the air. Sing it with me! Your personal love boat just needs its captain. What are you waiting on? GO LOVE NOW.
    • SAGITTARIUS EMPRESS Focus on feeling life physically. Indulge in nurturing your body. Good food. Good laughter. Good music. Be good to you.
    • CAPRICORN NINE OF SWORDS Head hurt? Back ache? Feet sobbing? Break away from those agony aunts bringing you down! Anxiety only makes it worse.

Please join me for the Spiritual Path of Tarot Telesummit starting 9/16. It’s free to listen with 48 hours to listen after the talk. If you miss one or want to have them all, you can always sign up for the early bird pricing special. It’s only $27 for all 22 talks. 😀

I’m blogging over at Savvy Authors today about how to use Tarot to build characters that leap off the page. Come join me! It’s character building, y’all!

Ready to dive into the last quarter of 2013? Our year is almost done. Seeking joy has brought me a lot of abundance including my work with Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Life+Biz Academy. Off the hook when I do the work. Off. The. Hook. Y’all!

Want to hear my in-depth Tarotscope podcast? Look at the bottom of this page in the middle for the Podcast player. 😀

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

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