Knowledge And The Use Thereof

TotOP_1MagicianToday’s card reminds me of all the thing my will can affect. This is the Magician from one of my primary reading decks. I got it a while back. Then promptly fell in love with it. It spoke to me on so many levels.

See the wolf emerging from the flames? The Wild man, or is that a woman, casting the rues. The horns and furs emphasizing the wildness. The unicorn under the full moon.

But what really, you should pardon the pun, strikes me about this card is that lightning in the upper right corner.


I imagine that’s the lightning striking the Tower down the road. The Magician here knew not to stay up in the tower. She, or is that he, understood that knowledge may be sacred but doing is even more so.

How much knowledge do you have? What do you do with it? Do you polish it and put it on a shelf? Do you take it out and use it until you are ready to fall over? Do you balance somewhere in the middle?

Me? I swing back and forth like that old pendulum. Right now, I’m all about getting my hands dirty and grubbing about in the wild, wicked world. I’m going to be rubbing elbows with people I love and people I have less time for than a cockroach.

I’m going to do it because it’s time for me to be out of the tower. I’ll climb back up later but for now, it’s down on the ground. Creating. Learning. Dissecting.

Making things happen.

Journal prompt for the day is, “What does it mean to you to use your knowledge?”

Join me and 21 other speakers as we share our own unique takes on the Major Arcana.

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#Seekjoy, y’all. Pass it on.

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