What Did I Use To Believe In?

GhostsSpirits_10WheelHere’s a somewhat macabre take on the Wheel of Fortune. The very talented artist is Lisa Hunt. If you don’t know her name, you should. Besides being one the best known Tarot artist, she is a really nice human being. She even illustrated my Fairy Tales Tarot Spreads ebook! 😀 Enough bragging on Lisa though.

When the Wheel of Fortune shows up, even one with ghosts flowing down and out, I remind my clients that if they want the brass ring life is offering them, then they are going to have to lean out. (Wow. Faulkner would be so proud of that sentence. LOL)

It’s not a matter of whether or not the brass ring is there–of course it is.

The Universe is not setting you up to fail. Promise!

But you are going to have to stretch. You are going to have to take a chance.

If the Fool is the zero card, here he is again at 10. It’s a new beginning for the Fool but it’s not the end of his/her journey. What about you? Where are you on your journey?

This isn’t the end, you know. It’s only another beginning. If the actors knew that when the final curtain fell, that would be their last time on the boards, do you think they would ever start?

Why do any of us start? What makes us believe in stretching? What stops us from believing?

Your journal prompt today is, “What did you believe in that you don’t now? Why?”

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#Seekjoy, y’all. Pass it on.

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