Who Is In My Life?

BadgersForest_20JudgmentToday’s card is an interesting take on the card of Judgment. Instead of figures rising up, we have a badger staring in from the right side. In the upper left, an ominous plume of smoke rises. The entire upper half of the card is smeary looking. It’s hazy from the heat and beginning to change from the fire. On the right of the card top you can see yellowish bits in the green.

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Artist Nakisha says “20–Judgment (badger) A wake up call. Call to arms, a time to confess or a time to make amends. To forgive, or seek forgiveness.

In this self-published deck, the creatrix chooses to use all forest animals. You have badgers, crows, foxes and rabbits. Badger, with its reputation of stubborn determination, reminds me that when Judgment calls, you have to answer.

There’s no escaping this call, you see. Just as there is no escaping the devastation of the fire that is coming. Oh, you might survive the fire, but you will have to deal with the aftermath.

Another word for judgment is discernment. For me that’s being able to look at something or someone and knowing if they will fit in my life.

To say someone doesn’t fit in my life is not to say they are a bad person. They are simply not someone I find conducive to my life and energy choices.

For instance, a person who is constantly negative would be very draining. I have a choice on whether or not to spend time with them. A person who doesn’t care about others is also draining. Those people who are not conscious of animals as individual would be another type.

So yes, I judge. I discern. I make decisions about others based on what I know is right for my life. I choose.

Fires are coming. That’s inevitable. What will you choose to do?

Here’s your journal prompt for today.

“Who is in my life and why?”

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Judgment, Badgers Forest Tarot, Nakisha

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One thought on “Who Is In My Life?”

  1. Ha, this makes me think about your recent post on a Magician card with a lightning strike in the background. In the same way, that fire could be from the destruction of the Tower. Now, though, we can see what was, let it go, and move towards something more nourishing for us in this moment. As you say, those fires always come, so we’d better learn to deal with them! Lovely take on this card 🙂

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