Tarotscopes for 8/25-8/31/2013

Badgers Forest Tarot by Nakisha
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  • AQUARIUS EMPEROR Sometimes just standing up for yourself is enough. Other times you need to make scary noises. This is a week for both.
  • PISCES DEVIL Oh you indolent life! Relax. Let the dust gather. Watch the weeds grow. Um. NOT. Breaking addictions is hard. Keep working.
  • ARIES KING OF RABBITS (Wands) The watchful eye sees the coming danger. Don’t make worries but do stay alert to coming upsets.
  • TAURUS FIVE OF BADGERS (Swords) Stop trying to fix the unfixable. Find better fruit. How much lemonade you can drink? Don’t need this.
  • GEMINI SEVEN OF FOXES (Cups) How much time do you need to make the only decision you can make? When at a crossroads, you must cross or get run over.
  • CANCER STRENGTH Trust. Scary, I know. Sometimes enemies turn to friends.Second chances may be in order. Own your own anger first.
  • LEO KNIGHT OF RABBITS (Wands) Lots of activity this week but very little accomplishment. Just enjoy the ride for now. Follow passion.
  • VIRGO TWO OF FOXES (Cups) Finding what you need is a matter of looking where you are. Appreciate your surroundings to get the most from this week.
  • LIBRA TEN OF RABBITS(Wands) Taking on to much can dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. Try to say no more. Give yourself more free time for the best time.
  • SCORPIO SIX OF CROWS (Pentacles) Share what you have. Accept others gifts. Create a community of open arms + giving hearts. Beautify your world.
  • SAGITTARIUS QUEEN OF BADGERS (Swords) Approach her with care but approach you must. She expects due diligence most of all. Are you up for it?
  • CAPRICORN THREE OF FOXES (Cups) Sometimes playing is the best thing to do. Let your hair down. Work on things that make you laugh out loud.
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