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I am taking Rachel Pollack’s advice to heart and being more playful with the cards. I have gotten hooked on “American Idol”. I mean HOOKED as in my housemate tapes it for me on the nights I’m at work. So I wanted to do a little future-casting here with Tarot. So here are the top thirteen AI contestants. I pulled a card for each of them. I may do this again when we get down to six. Let’s see how we do.

Adam Lambert–Four of Cups suggests he will have three chances and fail on the fourth attempt because he is too emotional over the previous near misses.

Alexis Grace–Death suggest we will see Alexis go through a massive change. I don’t think this bodes well for her but it could be a transformation of sorts.

Allison Iraheta–Page of Pentacles shows that Allison will work very hard for this. I think she will not win though but she will get a job as a result of her exposure. (yeah, that’s a hard prediction, lol)

Anoop Desai–Nine of Cups is the make a wish card. As Anoop is one of my favorites, I am happy to see this card. It is a card of good things for Anoop.

Danny Gokey–Queen of Pentacles for the widowed Mr. Gokey. He will be a strong contender as long as he can continue to draw from his strong faith and nurturing nature.

Jasmine Murray–Hmmm, my little girl from Mississipp (another favorite) has the Page of Cups here. I think she will not be able to control her emotions and may fail because of that. She will need to focus to succeed.

Jorge Nunez–I adore this kid from Puerto Rico for his heart and joy. But the Queen of Swords slices and dices. She is a very strong person mentally. If Jorge can hold on mentally, he may have a shot.

Kris Allen–We may have a dark horse here. The Ace of Swords is a sign of victory. It is about being mentally prepared for what is in front of you. If Kris can take on this challenge, I predict the final four at least.

Lil Rounds–Three of Cups is a card about partying and enjoying life. I hope Lil doesn’t let the party atmosphere throw her off her game. But I think this is showing her in the top three actually. Of course that may be my own wishful thinking.

Matt Giraud–Wheel of Fortune is such a great card that I want to leap up and down and shriek YES WINNER, but the wheel can turn either way, can’t it. This is his chance if he reaches out and takes it!

Megan Corkrey–Four of Wands is a card of success as well. I’m not surprised to see this one for her. This is about foundation and structure. She needs to focus on what she’s good at. (again, no one needed the cards to know that for any of these folks)

Michael Sarver–Another royal lady shows up here. This is the Queen of Wands and she is all about doing things with passion and fire. But she has a temper issue. I hope Michael doesn’t. That could be his downfall.

OOPS! I had one of my choices in there but he didn’t make the finals! Thanks to Michelle for the heads up on that one.

Scott MacIntyre–King of Pentacles for Scott tells me he will work very very hard for this. He may work himself out of the picture though. This is a card for an overachiever and really hard worker.

So what do you think? Care to play along? If you do post it in your blog and link it here. I’d love to see it. 🙂

Please note that I am in no way affiliated with American Idol. I’m just a fan who also happens to be a professional Tarot consultant.

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  1. I completely understand! I don’t watch Idol, but I am a Survivor fanatic! I have been reading before each episode for the last couple of seasons and it has bee fun. This year I took the time to so some more focused readings and see how they play out over the season. It is a blast. Humm. . . I might need to do a reading for each of the remaining contestants too! Good Idea!


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