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Want a tool that will help you plot, learn about your characters and help you finish the damned book? Have you been thinking you would like to learn to read the Tarot for yourself? Scared that there is just too much to memorize? Ready to try something new?

Tarot By Arwen presents a Tarot for Writers online workshop. No need to know the meanings of the cards, but you will need to own a Tarot deck. Handouts will include brief descriptions of each card as well as spreads you can put in your own writer’s toolkit.

This workshop will consist of lessons combined with assignments. Your instructor will give feedback on everyone’s assignment. The focus will be on you interpreting the story as you see it in each individual card. This workshop is suitable for any fiction genre.

You are expected to turn the assignments in on time so that your instructor can do her job on time as well. This is a participation-required class. You need to commit to participating or you will not get as much out of the class.

The goal of this workshop is to help you learn a new way of plotting using the Tarot cards. Together we will explore how the Tarot can be used to help your writing in more ways than you ever imagined.

Your instructor will be Stephanie Arwen Lynch, current president of the American Tarot Association. Reading professionally since the early 80’s, Arwen has studied the Tarot for over 28 years. Writing as Marilu Mann, Arwen along with her writing partner Cai, sold two books to Ellora’s Cave in late 2007 with two more sales in 2008. Using the Tarot as a tool in plotting and characterization came naturally to Arwen. She loves helping others explore their own shadows with Tarot through her professional Tarot consultation services.

This class will be conducted via an email loop through Yahoo groups. You will need a Yahoo groups id to join.  Spaces are limited to insure that you will get focused attention from your instructor. This is a two week course.

* Dates: Sunday February 15 through Sunday March 1, 2009
* Cost: $45
* Signup Deadline: February 14, 2009

” I was considering taking a plot thread out of the story but have decided that I really shouldn’t now that I’ve read your comments. They really did help me visual my plot as it relates to Vaughn. I’m totally jazzed about writing this story now. Thank you! I’ve told everyone how awesome this experience was!” — Tess Harrison

“I’m so grateful for that class–you can’t imagine how indispensable the Hero’s Journey spread has been for me. It’s given me some amazing breakthroughs, and it was instrumental in writing my last outline for a proposal. It’s almost eerie when I look back and think, wow, if I hadn’t pulled that card, the novel might have taken an entirely different turn.”–Jeri Smith-Ready

“It felt as though you’d been speaking directly to my muse, because she really didn’t hold back.”–Lacey Savage

I’ve heard from so many authors and aspiring authors who are delighted to have found a tool that truly works for them without rewriting their voice. Join your fellow writers as we take a wild trip into the fascinating world of Tarot for writers.

1. Tarot decks consist of 78 cards including a Major and a Minor Arcana. If you choose to use a non-Tarot deck, Arwen can not promise to be able to help you in your interpretations, but will give it her best shot.

3 thoughts on “WORKSHOP: Tarot For Writers”

  1. I did this course last year and got a novel out of it which is now under contract and due out this year some time. Highly recommended!

  2. Great that you’re doing this, Arwen. I teach MFA creative writing at Goddard College, and sometimes give short workshops on Tarot For Writers, but an ongoing course is something could really change people’s work.

  3. Meg! Congratulations! Feel free to promo your book here by telling us the title and who you got the contract with. I’m so excited for you! See? I used three exclamation points. lol

    Rachel, I love doing these workshops. This one is the one that just gives writers a way to use the Tarot easily. I also teach a Hero’s Journey one that is much more intensive in terms of the writing work.

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