Universe February

“What does the Universe need President Obama to know about his February?” Join Arwen as she reads for the President of the United States.

I wanted to show you how I personally use the Universe method of question forming. I will do a card for myself and then, in a break from my “no 3rd party” readings, I will do one for President Obama.

What does the Universe need me to know about February?

The card I pulled is the Seer of Wands from the World Spirit Tarot. This card is the page in most decks. Here we see a young woman standing on an African desert. She carries a flaming staff in her left hand while her right hand rests on the head of a leopard. In the far distance you can see a group of three giraffes. There are two trees growing side by side and their branches look intertwined.  Her feet as well as the leopard’s stand on some type of round rug. The sky is deep mauve at the top followed by a band of deep teal that is on top of a band of soft pink.

This card is a messenger card to me. It tells me that February will be a fast, passionate month. I will need to pay attention to the messages I get that are about passionate actions and physical movement. I believe it is a kick in the butt to get back on my exercise program. The leopard seems to be protecting this page. One of my animals is a large cat (not the leopard though) so I will do some meditation on that creature to see what messages I need to pay attention to this coming month.

One thing that intrigues me is the inherent symbolism of the two trees standing side by side. One leans into the other. I think this is about a friendship I have that is growing closer. The three giraffes may represent some friends. My first thought was my three beloved students (who are no longer my students) from Atlanta. I’ll need to contact them to see what’s up.

Now for President Obama’s February I asked the same question, “What does the Universe need President Obama to know about his February?

The card I drew is the King of Cups. Whoa! This is the emotional leader who knows many secrets that he can’t share. I’m sure that would be an accurate description of what President Obama will be learning in his first full month as leader of America, yes? This king looks to his left holding a cup out. This cup represents emotions and sharing. He sits easily on a throne that rises up from the water. Sharks swim at his feet while a whale can be seen in the far distance. This king sits in the middle of the water with no visible land near him.

This brings to mind “heavy is the head that wears the crown”. The King of Cups is a deeply emotional man who leads with his heart and his head. He synthesizes his emotional responses with his rational ones. I think Obama will find his first month brings challenges that will hit him very hard emotionally but he will be able to step back from that and deliver a rational response.

I do see two plumes of water in the background. One is the whale, but the other is an eruption in otherwise calm waters. I hope this does not mean a new political disturbance. It is behind the King of Cups right shoulder.

So there you are. How I do one card Universe readings.

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  1. Hi!

    Some pretty good readings there! To be honest I dont see the last reading for President Obama as a too big break of the 3rd party rule since he is one of the most public person there is these days. So much you could see in your cards will be known in one way or the other eventually!

    Anna´s last blog post..Den heliga familjen Addams

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