The Three of Wands is my personal anticipation card. It always tells me something I’ve been waiting for is nearly here. My clients call this the “get wet” card because I will remind them that if they think their ship is about to come in, then maybe it is time to jump in the water and swim out to it.

What excites you? What fires you up and makes you want to run to all your friends to shout the good news? What can you simply not resist?

For me it’s beautiful things and sounds and visions. Today I want to share a few upcoming decks that I’m waiting for. Anticipation is a curious thing for me. It is that bated breath, tense muscles, leaning forward child self of me who wants things NOW NOW NOW.

Sadly, I must wait but here are a few teasers for you.

First the amazing video from Joanna Powell Colbert‘s upcoming Gaian Tarot. I’ve been following along with the creation of this deck and am now putting my money aside so I can own one of the limited editions.

The music is captivating isn’t it?

Here’s another video of yet another tarot deck by the amazing Lisa Hunt. This calls to me. The music is utterly perfect here as well. Check out the beginning to finished illustrations. How marvelous to be able to see how a card started and transformed with color.

Finally Corinne Kenner has a new project going called the Wizards Tarot. The music is haunting. I enjoyed the naming of each Major Arcana as a professor of some magical school. Quite clever, really. I just wish she’d mentioned who the music is by.

So share with me. What are some things coming up that you are excited about? Don’t tell me about your personal stuff (aka no promoing yourself please) but do tell me about your friend’s project. Share the good word!

8 thoughts on “Anticipation”

  1. I’m excited about a couple different projects. A friend’s first book is coming out in February. Sharon Ashwood’s Ravenous has a complexity of worldbuilding that I appreciate. Check out the monsterpedia at her website for a sampling

    Also, my XY’s first independent album will be out in March. I think the depth of emotion in his 3-minute songs rivals what I can do in 100K words 🙂

    I get excited about works with resonance. While I appreciate simple sugars as much as anyone 🙂 it’s the depth and complexities of the dark chocolates that most rev me up.

    Jessa Slade´s last blog post..Be Careful What You Research!

  2. Anticipating the birth of my first grandchild! And you just can’t hurry those things up — and you certainly don’t WANT to hurry them up too much.

    Also excited about having just gotten in the mail Rachel Pollack’s Tarot Wisdom which I am anticipating doing a lot of reading in this coming weekend!

    Patty´s last blog post..Moon Phase Spread

  3. Hey, that Wizard’s Tarot looks pretty cool… I can’t wait to see what the Minor Arcana looks like. Undoubtedly the whole thing is very Harry Potter-ish in its aesthetic… that’s going to either attract or repell people. I think the art looks great.

  4. Patty, congrats on that new grandbaby! I have Pollack’s book and it is beyond words. I need to review it but I am can’t make myself read it fast enough to review it! LOL

    Zac, absolutely agree that the Wizard Tarot is a riff on the whole Hogwarts thing. Very clever!

  5. I’m excited about my critique partner Farrah Rochon’s new romance novel, Rescue Me, coming out this week. In fact, I was so excited I accidentally preordered two copies. :-/ I miss living in New Orleans, so I’m eager to immerse myself in the culture again, if only by book.

    Shauna Roberts´s last blog post..Prémio Dardos

  6. Some great tarot video promos here. Thanks for including Lisa’s the Fairy Tale Tarot slide show. Thank goodness for technology that lets us showcase art in such a manner these days. :’)

  7. Wow, I had no idea there were video deck promo’s nowadays, how wonderful! This really gives you a feel for the deck. Does anyone know of other videos like this? Now I have to see them all lol.

    I agree, the music from the Corinne Kenner video is beautiful, if you find out what it is please let us know.

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