It’s A New Year! Are You Balanced?

2009 is here. Are you ready? Do you have any special traditions in your family for the first day of the New Year? In my family, we always tried to eat black-eyed peas and cabbage. Ham was another part of that.

Mama or someone in the family had told me that the peas were for cents, the cabbage for dollars and the ham for luck. I was always told to eat more peas since I needed more “sense.” My family loves to play with words.

I will be eating those three things today so I can guarantee a healthy year for my finances and luck.

Another thing I like to do is a Tarot reading. I know—what a shocker, right? A Tarot consultant who does a reading on the first day of the year—what a trendsetter I am. HA!

Part of my Tarot work involves astrology but another part of it is numerology. One of my favorite books on this subject is by Hans Decoz. If you are interested in delving into numerology, I highly recommend this book. Decoz delivers the information in a very non-math threatening way. Or so says the math-phobe!

I was going to do a spread based on the Fool since it’s a new year but then I realized that 2009 resolves into 11 which is a master number. It has the inherent balance of the 2 but also the new start of the 1. There’s a great deal more about this master number that I won’t go into here. Suffice it to say that 2009 ought to be a banner year for everyone if we just approach it correctly. It’s all about accessing the energies and working with them.

Here is a spread for the New Year. It is a bit involved so read the whole thing through before you go throwing cards down.

What’s In Balance 2009


1. What is in balance for your heart.

2. What is unbalanced for your heart.

3. What is in balance for your mind.

4. What is unbalanced for your mind.

5. What is in balance for your spirit.

6. What is unbalanced for your spirit.

7. What is in balance for your body

8. What is unbalanced for your body.

Add all the numbers up (Court cards are 0 when I am doing this) and bring this number down to 0-22. If you get 22 or 11, don’t drill further down. These are Master numbers. This number is the Major Arcana that will tell you where you are the most balanced or perhaps it is where you need to be more balanced. The key here is to listen to your gut on this.

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