January 2009 Tarotscopes

Happy new year everyone!

I hope this year brings you much joy.  Enjoy the January 2009 Tarotscopes as well as two great combo reading packages!


Are you afraid you will never just finish the book?If you’ve ever experienced a sagging middle in your plot, know that you are not alone! I’m sure you know the building blocks of a good story, but there’s just so much conflicting info. Show don’t tell! No flat characters! Use the 5 senses! But everyone has their own way. Many writers fear losing their voice if they follow too many rules. Are you afraid you will never just finish the book?

I’m offering a special writer’s gift for you to kick off 2009. You can order my Writer’s Combo pack and save.

You get:

  • One Hero’s Journey ($45 value)
  • One Writer’s Career ($40 value)
  • One Writer’s Inspiration ($40 value)

And if that wasn’t enough, if you order before midnight, I’ll throw in this set of ginsu knives.


You do get a Universal 5 Tarot spread for yourself or you can give it as a gift! That’s an additional $25 value.

That’s $150 worth of Tarot readings for you. But if you buy before January 21st, you can get the whole package of four readings for only $110. You can spread these readings out over the year. The only catch is that you have to have them completed before 12/31/2009.

Click the button to take advantage of this limited offer!


Not a writer? Just looking for personal growth in 2009? I can help there as well. If you’ve ever wondered what you could do to motivate yourself or kick start your own growth, come talk to me!

The 2009 Personal Growth Combo package includes:

  • Bagua Map Spread ($45 value)
  • Look Within Spread ($45 value)
  • Universe 7 Spread ($35 value)
  • Plus a Three Months Look Ahead ($25 value) only available with this offer

That’s $150 worth of readings for only $110. Like the Writers Combo package above, this is a time limited offer. You must purchase by January 21, 2009 to take advantage of this price.

You can do your readings at any time as long as they are completed by 12/31/2009.

Here is January’s podcast of my monthly tarotscopes.

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7 thoughts on “January 2009 Tarotscopes”

  1. As one Virgo who is really tired of all this HARD work, it’s nice to know something will be coming of it this month, i’ll get my suit on and get ready to jump in the water to meet my ship. Thanks for the great reading. GoldenHawk sent me here, and this has been a real treat. THANK YOU!!

  2. Mary, let me know how your month goes! I hope it’s fabulous. 🙂

    Jen, I appreciate. And I love reading your blog!

    GH, thank YOU for being a great Sag. 🙂 You rock, woman!

    Orangeclouds, you really need to watch who you follow. LOL That GH can get you into trouble fast. Seriously, enjoy your January and let me know how it goes for you.

  3. Huge blessings to you for this month’s tarotscopes, Arwen! 2008 was awful for me, so it’s good things are looking up. I’ve been feeling the anticipation you mentioned (for Virgo) since December, but nothing seems to ever come of it. I tell ya, if “the ship” shows up on the horizon this month, I’ll build a raft and start rowing!

    Cora Zane´s last blog post..An Inevitable Sleepless Night

  4. First time listening to the podcast & even though I came late it seems right on. I’m Capricorn – I’ve already had my visit from an old friend this month and decided yesterday that I wasn’t leaving the house if I could help it. Cocooning time, indeed! Thanks, Arwen, and I’ll be back in a few weeks to hear about February. (I like the weekly @tarotscopes too.)

    Holly´s last blog post..HollyMVG: Story now has more words than before I started cutting. Cut Worst Sex Scene Ever Written & have been adding other (actually needed) scenes.

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