Tarot In Nine Words: The Chariot

rws_chariotThe Chariot represents mastery in the Major Arcana. Here we learn the lesson that we must drive our own lives if we are to be truly in charge. Some would tell you that the Charioteer is a ruthless warrior, but consider something if you will.

His is a lonely journey. Driving alone he will encounter many who would do him harm. He must be always prepared. Perhaps we can think of the Charioteer as the adult Eagle Scout. He learned to “always be prepared” and has translated that into his maturation into a man who must lead no matter what.

My question for you is … is there any cost too high for you? What would you go to battle for if it meant your own life? Once you have picked up the reins to drive yourself, you must be prepared to make those kind of decisions.

Crown Canopy Forward Sphinx Shield Blue Stars Sun Gold


The Chariot

Where do you wish me to go
Forward to seek the secrets
Backwards to reorient myself
Shall I take the reins in hand
Eschewing all ancient wisdom
Do I bow down before you
Crowned by the sun to rule
Or do I question even the sphinx
Mastering my own life my own way
If I charge ahead with courage
Will I win gold stars for my chest
Or will my chariot’s canopy yield
My blue lipped body carried
Home to my mother on my shield
Drive this careening life I must
But first I will learn all I can
First I will seek the knowledge
At the end of my own reins

Stephanie Arwen Lynch

This exercise began with the Fool. To learn more about how I am doing this, explore this post.

Cards used:

Chariot, Rider-Waite Tarot

Chariot, The Tarot of Prague (OOP)

One thought on “Tarot In Nine Words: The Chariot”

  1. From the Granny Jones Australian Deck:


    caravan, bicycle, granny, tree, mountain, path, rocks, cat, birds

    Oh, Granny, rattling along, your three-wheeled bicycle
    Once a sign and symbol of your eccentricity
    Now has its clones amongst the Green-Conscious.

    Oh, Granny, the road behind you rocky
    And you without the popular electric engine.
    Cats sleep in the bike basket as you ride.

    Oh, Granny! The path ends
    At the colourful gypsy caravan!
    What will you do, where will you go then?

    Are the hills with their copses of trees
    As smooth as they seem? Are the Three Birds
    against the sun showing you the easiest way?

    Oh, Granny, the rocks are behind you;
    But behind the deceptively smooth hills ahead
    Are the sharp peaks of savage purple mountains …

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