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You get the feeling you are reading someone’s private thoughts.

Only two months old, this blog shows great promise. Kathy, a New Jersey girl, starts off with the Fool. It’s a great card to start a Tarot blog with! As a new student of Tarot, I think she is doing an amazing job. Here is what she said in that first entry about drawing the Fool for her very first blog entry:

This leap of faith into a new journey of self discovery is relevant to what The Fool advises us in a reading. In my reading today, The Fool is asking me to take that leap of faith, to have the confidence, courage, faith and belief in myself to embrace my spiritual journey, and above all to learn to listen to my intuition and allow my spiritual guide to give me guidance along the way.

As I was exploring Kathy’s blog, I discovered that she is a fellow reader at FTN. With the mentoring approach on the FTN, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to expand as a reader.

Kathy takes the time to title the majority of her posts. The writer in me appreciates that extra touch. Here’s a bit from a post titled “A Study In Paradox: The Hanged Man (XIII)”:

Guess that puts me back on the crossroads phase … but maybe that isn’t too bad a place to be right now. While I know I am in a period of transition in my life, it seems like this card is sending me a message that it might behoove me to stand back for a bit and contemplate what is going on in order to gain a better perspective that I can put into action.

For the most part, her posts are short. She shares her insights as well as quoting (and giving credit! ) other authors she studies. One thing I like about Kathy’s posts is her very open, honest approach. You get the feeling you are reading someone’s private thoughts. It’s a refreshing approach for me.

If you want to take a journey with a fellow student of Tarot, let me point you in the direction of Kathy’s blog, TarotJourney. I’d be honored if you would leave Kathy a comment. Tell her Arwen says hello. 🙂

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