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Ok, as you have seen, I have been doing other spots than blogs for my Saturday spotlights. 🙂 I’m keeping the name “Other Blogs” until I think of a more clever (and more encompassing) name.

Tarot publications are few and far between. It’s difficult to stay on schedule and deliver what you have said you will deliver when you have to manage your writers, your production, your readers, etc. 

The American Tarot Association has two publications. One is members-facing meaning only members can be read online or have the Journal delivered via email. The format is not a slick, glossy magazine. However, the substance between the pages is delivered by Tarot consultants of all walks of life and levels of experience.

One thing the ATA takes a lot of pride in is our public-facing Tarot publication. Over the years it’s been fairly steady in publication with a few gaps here and there.

Many Tarot luminaries have been interviewed. The December 2008 one finds Rachel Pollack sharing intimate details about her work and life. Did you know she hoped no one would come to the very first workshop she offered? It’s true.

I was at my window looking out at the street, and I was hoping that nobody would show up, I was so frightened! But, you know, you do more, you really start to feel like you know what you’re doing, then you’re okay with it.

In a much earlier edition of Reflections, former president and author Sandra Thomson crafted a well-thought out essay on the Hierophant and one’s shadows. In Shadow Essay: The Heirophant Thomson encourages ATA readers to find their insensitive inner bully. Of course the article is much more than that. I hope you will take time to explore!

Reflections has had many editors over the years. One of my favorite columns from earlier editions was Madame Athame. A cross between a wicked tongued drag queen, plain spoken grandmother and slightly crazed tarot consultant, Madame Athame offers hysterical, but very useful advice. One comment that still cracks me up is about having to choose between two lovers. Madame Athame opens her answer with:

Choosing a man is a lot like being on The Price is Right – “Will I win the spa vacation or the year’s supply of Rice-a-Roni?”

I mean… who can’t laugh at that especially when you can replace man with woman if that suits your gender preference. I loved this column and hope one day we get another version of Madame Athame. Humor, for me, goes hand in hand with reading.

If you are an avid spread explorer, make sure you plow through the archives. You can find spreads, interviews, reviews and so much more. The current editor of the ATA Reflection is Sheri Harshberger. Her assistant is Melanie Harris. They have changed the look and feel of Reflections as well as really amped up the content.

So join me today as I dive into the American Tarot Association’s publication available to all–ATA Reflections. Please leave a comment on any articles you enjoy. This is a recent feature the editors have added. All writers love knowing someone is reading them so please take a moment to let them know you were by.

And don’t miss the archives! OH! Make sure you enter the monthly contest as well. You can sign up for publication notifications so you never miss an issue. I highly recommend that.

NOTE: This month’s issue is the December 2008 issue. When you click the above link, you are taken to the front page of the current issue so you may not land on the December issue. 🙂 To avoid confusion later down the road, go here for the December issue.

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