READING: What Kind Of Dog?

One of the hottest political debates seems to be what kind of dog will the Obamas get? President-elect Obama promised his girls on national television during his acceptance speech that they would get a puppy. Now everyone wants to tell them what kind of dog they should have. One of the girls is allergic, so there is a problem with getting a mixed breed.

I thought I’d throw cards based on the seven groups as dictated by the American Kennel Club. My thought is that I can predict what group the Obamas dog will come from based on the cards. Maybe even a mix from two groups.

So I decided to make this easy and just lay a card for each group. Here is the reading. Please let me know what you think!

1. Toys: 7 of Cups Well this shows an older woman looking up at all the cups she can choose from. It is a classic card of the daydreamer. A sleeping dog (no really!) lays next to her. This dog reminds me of a little Italian Greyhound I used to live with. Allie was not a full IG–had some terrier in her we think. So let’s give a nod to the Toy group as a definite possibility for now.

2. Sporting: The High Priestess. Since this is the card of mystery and knowing self, I think I would have to say that the Obamas will not pick a sporting breed simply because they know how much energy these types have. Sporting breeds need room to run and can be a handful until they are trained. Not my pick for the White House.

3. Non-Sporting. 5 of Swords. Ouch! This is one of my favorite groups since I have owned several standard poodles. Quigley is snoring on the couch next to me as a type. But I think that a non-sporting dog may cause too much strife in the family. So no to the lovely lovely breeds of the non-sporting group. (Darn it!)

4. Hounds. Hermit. Well now this is a favorable card to me because the Hermit is a guide. In the Touchstone Tarot, St Frances of Assisi is the Hermit card. Most Hermits have some animal near them reminding us that staying in touch with nature is a good thing. Here we see a small bunny next to the Hermit. Again, I go right for a particular dog–the Greyhound. Hmm, does anyone see a pattern here yet? LOL

5. Working. Page of Wands. This is a passionate young person so it may be that the children of Barack and Michelle Obama are going to throw down for a working dog. A cheetah is in this card so maybe a large strong dog is in their future?

6. Terrier. 6 of Wands. Uh oh! The card of victory in the Terror group! Many White House dogs have been from the terrier group. FDR’s loyal Scotty stands out as one. Perhaps the scrappy, tough, loyal terrier will win out to live on Pennsylvania Avenue.

7. Herding. 8 of Pentacles. A small cat sits on the table as the master watches the journeyman teach the apprentice. There is much to learn from this dedicated group, but I think a herding dog would not do well in this situation. Like those in the Sporting group, the Herding breeds need room to run. They also have an unfortunate need to think for themselves which might not translate well if they decided to protect their flock (family) from foreign diplomats.

So we have a few front runners. Now I am going to pull the seventh card down to get clarification. I do this with my clients. I just ask them to give me a number off the top of their heads regarding a card we need to see deeper into.

And it is the 7 of Wands which is the card of building boundaries. It is also the card that comes after the 6 of Wands (shocking, I know).

So I’m going to call it for the Terrible Terrors of the dog world, the terriers. Because of the crossed sticks in this card, I am also going to predict a mix of some terrier. Maybe even a schnoodle (schnauzer-poodle cross). That way I’d get my poodle in the White House.

I’m such a pushy psychic, aren’t I!

NOTE: This post was all in fun but I am very interested to see what kind of dog the Obamas end up with.

13 thoughts on “READING: What Kind Of Dog?”

  1. It would be nice if some preference for a cat would be considered. (Merow) 🙂
    Mr Obama wants a energetic big dog; the ladies wants laughingly he called a girlie dog! I loved that interview!

    A good fun loving Choco Lab with Terrier mix (so the hair would be better for allergy sensitive)

  2. I have a Scottie, and the Bush family has 2 of them… So Scotties are no stranger to the White House. But they are not the dog to have if one has allergies! How about a Shih Tzu? They are “Temple” dogs and supposedly good for one who has allergies. 🙂

    Lorielle´s last blog post..3 Card Draw – December 11, 2008

  3. Shih Tzus are great dogs. But they tend to be very possessive. I’m not sure one would be happy in an atmosphere where there are constant interlopers into “his” territory.

    Maybe they should get two dogs. One for the women of the family, and one for him to run with.

    Jodith´s last blog post..What to do when you leave your job

  4. Well, I am a huge poodle fan, as you know Arwen.. but right now I share my life with a Bichon and she may be the sweetest dog ever. I got her through a rescue – there are many purebreds available. Poodles, Bichons, Maltese, Coton de Tulear, Wheaton Terrior (ooh – that may be the one!) are all great for people with allergies.

  5. Fun post, Arwen! I use the World Spirit Tarot also. Out of curiosity, where do find images of that deck online? I’ve done some searching but haven’t had good luck.

  6. We’re 2 Maltese dogs from Texas, and we loved this post! LoLLy is a rescue dog so we’re just keeping our paws crossed that the new Prez gets a rescue doggy. Also that since the new Prez gets his own Cabinet, we hope the new doggy gets her own Cabinet too, so that she can stock it with outstanding snax and treats! Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

  7. Just heard on CNN that the choice is now between a Portie (Portuguese Water Dog) and a mix breed — a labradoodle.

    If the Doodle wins, I’m gonna crow and say I was half right. LOL

  8. I heard a similar broadcast on a different network.. I was stunned at how ignorant the talking heads were about rescue dogs. President-elect Obama said they were going to check out rescues, but the newscaster said he doubted they would find a purebred (or the doodle) at a rescue. .. don’t get me started – I am pretty passionate about rescue dogs.

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