Tarotscopes Week of 12/7 – 12/13

I offer the Tarotscopes on a weekly basis via Twitter. It’s free and it’s fun. It’s a type of microblogging. I’ve met some of the nicest people there and forged meaningful relationships that have expanded beyond the 140 characters that defines Twitter.

These Tarotscopes are short because of that 140 character limit. I also do a monthly Tarotscope which you can find by clicking on the tag that says Tarotscopes. It’s a podcast (also free) so you need to be able to hear MP3 files on your computer.

Each month one follower of Tarotscopes via Twitter wins a free reading. I only tweet from @Tarotscopes once a week so you won’t be overwhelmed by my twittering.

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Sag Hermit Good wk for seekers of truth. May be asked to follow/lead at same time. You can do that easily. Light your own lamp though.

5 of Swords

Cap 5Swds Family difficulties may show up but you don’t have to be a victim. Take care of them but stick to your guns. You know how to win.

6 Of Pentacles

Aq 6Cns Holiday shopping? Be generous but don’t go bankrupt. No need to prove your love with things. Let others give to you as well, k?

7 Of Swords

Pic 7Swd Tricksy wk, precious. Do everything w/ care. Watch yr stuff. Don’t let someone take your mental energy. Alert is the key for you.

2 Of Cups

Ari 2Cps Good relationship energy. Working on yrself is the key. Balancing those emotions will speed yr desires. Dreams can come true.

Sage Of Cups

Tau KgCps Whose secrets are you keeping? Make sure you are taking care of yrself emotionally. You need to be yr priority this week not them.


Gem Tower Uh oh! Careful please. Lies you tell yourself could turn yr world upside down. Don’t believe everything you hear. It’s only 7 days

Seer Of Swords

Can PgSwd Important letter. Job/Legal matter? Watch personal addictions. You can do what you want. There is inherent danger though. Careful.

Seeker Of Pentacles

Leo KtCns Take care of business. Promotion/forward movement very likely. Bus. Travel likely. May have to volunteer because no one else will.


Vir Fool Take that leap of faith. Stop analyzing. Just DO IT. Optimism is your best tool right now. Planning not possible. This will be good


Lib Temperance Balancing act. What’s new, right? This time it’s about yrself more than others. Focus on where you get energy from. Pull more


Sco Empress Creative week. May feel like overindulging. Proceed w/ caution there! What you touch will grow so choose very wisely. Good week.

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