Tarotscopes for the week of 11/31-12/06

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Twitter is a type of microblogging. I only have 140 characters (that’s characters including spaces and not words) to deliver the cards meaning.

So here is some of the short hand you will encounter:

Kn=Knight, Pg=Page,Wnds=Wands,Cps=Cups Pen=Coins, Sw=Swords Wnds=Wands

6 of Wands

Sag 6Wnds Winning possible! Remember those who helped you get where you are. Didn’t do it by yrslf. Recognize support as you gain victory

Sibyl of Wands

Sco QnWnds Female fireball! High energy/activity. Lots of invitations or planning. Throw that party. Accept the invites. Yr wk to shine

2 Wands

Aq 2Wnd Balancing act. One more project given to you. Possibility of travel discussed. Confidence is always attractive to others so smile!

Seer of Swords

Cap PgSwrds Unexpected message. Stay alert to unusual events this week. You are going to be needed to lead/take charge. Be very focused now.

Sage of Swords

Ari KgSw You aren’t in the mood for BS this week. Let folks know they need to shoot straight w/ you. Emotional outbursts need to be avoided

5 of Cups

Pic 5Cps Why cry over the past. What’s gone is gone. Get up and move forward. No time for whining. Your dream is close if you start moving!

10 Pentacles

Gem 10Cns Focus on family/community this week. Children need your attention. Relax and enjoy. Let them play a bit. Just enjoy the babies. 🙂

8 of Pentacles

Tau 8Cns Chance to learn something new. Teacher is significant so pay attention. Sign up for a class that engages your hands and your mind!

6 of Wands

Leo 6Swd May be asked to help someone escape. If it’s you that needs to escape, ask for help. It won’t kill you! 🙂 End of wk will be calm.

Sage of Wands

Can KgWnd Boss may ask you to travel. Could be stretching yr boundaries a bit. Call to action by a man who is a doer himself. Busy week.

3 of Swords

Lib 3Swd Don’t dwell on sadness too much. Acknowledge loss and move on. Don’t trust someone who’s betrayed you in the past. It will repeat!


Vir Just Take care of business. Legal matters this week need laser attention. Don’t slack off. Not the time to ignore important letters.

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