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6 of Pentacles (World Spirit Tarot)
6 of Pentacles (World Spirit Tarot)

The 6 of Coins is the card of generosity–both given and received. I am always honored by your faith in me when you request a consultation with me. Allowing me to consult the Tarot with you is such a blessing in my life. When you extend that trust to refer someone to me, I want to give back to you for your generosity.

You can send your friends to me and know that I will give them the same compassionate, confidential service that you received. Because I want you to know how much I appreciate this referral, I have instituted a new referral policy.

Arwen’s Referral Policy

For every two new clients who give you as the referring person, you get any reading half off. They can choose their readings here.

To claim your reading discounts, simply email me your friends name/email so I can confirm that the reading was done. I will email you back a confirmation. Hang on to that! It’s your “coupon” for your next reading with me.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Yes, you can combine two half-off certificates for one free reading.

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