Tarotscopes for the week of 11/23-11/30

I do a weekly tarotscope over at Twitter @ tarotscopes. If you are on Twitter, I invite you to follow along!

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Twitter is a type of microblogging. I only have 140 characters (that’s characters including spaces and not words) to deliver the cards meaning.

So here is some of the short hand you will encounter:

Kn=Knight, Pg=Page,Wnds=Wands,Cps=Cups Pen=Coins, Sw=Swords Wnds=Wands

9 Pentacles

Sag 9Pen Take a moment to enjoy what you have. Success is already here if you just count the RIGHT blessings. Fulfillment is yours this week

8 Pentacles

Sco 8Pen Helping others learn a skill will make you a better teacher. You learn from their efforts. Thinking caps on this week. Crafty!

9 Swords
Aq 9Sw Take a mental break. Don’t be so hard on yrself. Time to focus on solutions rather than problems. Getting control is the key now.
9 of Cups
Cap 9Cps Make a wish! Careful though. It will come true so make sure you really want it. Emotional success for you this week. Enjoy life.
3 Swords

Ari 3Swd Careful this week. Need to keep secrets close so you don’t hurt someone or let someone hurt you. Watch out at work. Backstabbers.


Pic Fool Take a chance. Believe. Optimism is your best friend this wk. Don’t deny a chance just because it’s never worked before! BELIEVE!


Gem Lovers Yr week! Partnerships favored (w/ others & w/ yrself) Focus on what balances you w/ others. You have everything necessary 4 love

4 of Wands

Tau 4Wnds Stability at home. Foundation work necessary & encouraged. Be confident and you can have that security of mind you are seeking.


Leo Moon Disillusion possible. Pay attention to gut instincts. Yr hunches are dead on. Ignore them at your own risk. Dreams mean something.

6 pentacles

Can 6Pen Be generous. Give when asked. Accept when offered. Not weak to ask for help so don’t judge others or yrself when it happens.

7 Wands

Lib 7Wnds Defend yr position w/o too much emotion. Need to guard your intellectual property fiercely this week. Not a good week to share, ok


Vir Emperor Set yr boundaries firmly. Ok to wander & let folks in as long as everyone understands the rules. Control freak week ahead. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Tarotscopes for the week of 11/23-11/30”

  1. Vir Emperor Set yr boundaries firmly. Ok to wander & let folks in as long as everyone understands the rules. Control freak week ahead. 🙂

    Ummm…. Yeah.
    Control freak week ahead – And your point is???? Like we are not like that anyway? hehehe

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