Tarotscopes for the week of 11/16-11/22

I do a weekly tarotscope over at Twitter @ tarotscopes. If you are on Twitter, I invite you to follow along!

Twitter is a type of microblogging. I only have 140 characters (that’s characters including spaces and not words) to deliver the cards meaning.

So here is some of the short hand you will encounter:

Kn=Knight, Pg=Page,Wnds=Wands,Cps=Cups Cns=Coins, Sw=Swords Wnds=Wands

Seer Wands

Sag PgWnds Message about moving physically or mentally. Stay alert. Focused energy better than trying to do ten things at once, yes? FAST WK


Sco Universe Relax. You don’t have to do it all. You have friends willing to help. Do pay attention or you may miss a huge opportunity.

Ace Pentacles

Aq 1Cns Start new job/project this week. Good time for money growth. Invest wisely. Check yr 401K. If you are serious about money, GOOD! 🙂

10 of Wands

Cap 10Wnds Learn how to say no or take on too much. Yr choice, darlings. U know U don’t have to do it all so why do U always try? STOP IT!


Ari Empress Call yr mother. Nurture yrself & yr family. Creativity enhanced this week. Paint. Color outside the lines. Be expansive, okay? .

Pic HPriestess Go inward. Meditation good. Control yr self not others. Shadow work may be necessary. Intuition’s strong this week. Dream big


Gem Sun Health matters need to be focused on. Family may be running a bit hot this week. Look for ANY down time that comes yr way & take it.

6 of Cups

Tau 6Cps Old friends need to be called. Pay attention to childhood dreams. Some are still reachable. Go antiquing. Enjoy your past please.

2 Pentacles

Leo 2Cns Balancing act for you. Juggle family, work, self–you can do it. Just focus on the small parts that make up the bigger picture

3 Wands

Can 3Wnds What you’ve been waiting for will arrive this week. Make sure you are ready. Some surprises cause more problems than joy.


Lib Control your emotions or be a beast. Yr choice. Strong is not yelling. Stay calm & focus on balance. Their problems are not yrs!

4 Swords

Vir 4Swds Downtime mandatory. Illness possible or nurse hat for you. Take as many naps as you can squeeze in. Solitude is your friend now.

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