OTHER BLOGS: Roswila’s Three

“Tarot cards are like people. We get to know them more or less well, but never completely. And like people, they change over time and with experience of them. This is not to say we can’t really know a card. Anymore than one would say one doesn’t really know one’s best friend or mate or lover. Simply that with these cards we form, as with people, many-faceted, living, changing relationships.”

Don’t you just love that? Wouldn’t you want to meet the person who said this and sit down for a cuppa something just to talk about the Tarot?

Well let me introduce you to Roswila. She’s been involved with Tarot for over 30 years. Her interests are multi-facets and she shares those with us in several blogs. As a poet, her tankas are what drew me in first to this lovely person’s writings.


And she writes. Here is a prayer that is featured on the sidebar of her Tarot Gallery & Journal blog.

“Ganesh dances joyfully, each step out of now into now again; each footprint filling to overflowing with kindness. Remover of Obstacles, clear me out of my own way; teach me how to dance lightly through life, how to spill over with love.”

Prayer by Roswila

Ganesh happens to be a Deity I really admire for His ability to tear down obstacles. Roswila clearly states her religious views as well.

For me, it’s how one acts, how one lives out one’s life that matters, not the specifics of one’s belief — or non-belief for that matter (one of the most moral people I have known is an atheist).

Just in the brief wordbites on the sides of her journal, you learn so much about this “opinionated old lady.” I do hope you will stop by to explore the many faces of Roswila.

Here are the blogs of Roswila:

All three are updated as she is moved. Do tell her Arwen sent you, won’t you?

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