What Does Passionate Mean?

Today’s cards are based on the spread I know as Mary K. Greer’s Mind, Body, Spirit spread. It’s from Tarot For Yourself [aff] which is a book I recommend to all my students. It’s the first book I ever read other than the quintessential Eden Gray and Waite books.


Body is Empress. This makes me realize that I must be in charge of my physical self. I can’t give into cravings for sugar or other things that are bad for me. I can do it in moderation but only tiny amounts. My creative self is hampered when I hurt. I can’t sit to write or draw if I am in pain. The Empress reminds me to love myself most.

Mind is the Eight of Sacred Circles. I understand that I must continue to study and exercise my mind. By doing new things, I create new pathways in my brain. I should study as much as I teach and vice versa. This card, for me, represents the concept of apprentice, journeyman and master. Like any guild member, I must continue to educate myself. Consider how many professions insist on continuing education credits.

Spirit is the Nine of Staves. This young man is ready. He’s passionate about his work. He knows that a new day is dawning. He is ready to rise and meet it. My opening up to the day sets my spirit on the right path. I’m ready.

Do you do daily readings? Just a card each day perhaps? What is your goal when you do them? What is your message you are giving yourself?

As you may know, I do daily affirmations. I do them for me. It’s a very selfish thing, you see. I want to reorient my whole self to tackle the day with joy. It’s my mood refresher.

Today I will honor my body by making good choices. I will exercise my mind with studies that feed me. I will release my passionate spirit to seek joy today.

Your journal prompt for today is, “What does it mean to me to live a passionate life?”

Ancestral Path, U.S. Games, 1990 (re-released 2013) [aff]

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  1. I just love that deck! As for a passionate life, definitely one where I am constantly learning, exploring, doing things I love with people I cherish 🙂

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