What Do You See?

gypsy-tarot-wharfSo today’s card isn’t a card. It’s a card reader. It’s a fanciful take on a beautiful Romany woman. She’s outside her caravan with the cards in her lap. There’s a fire off to her side with another caravan in the background. This is a detail from a larger piece, but I don’t know the name of it.

I have to wonder what others think when they hear I’m a professional psychic. That I read cards for a living. Just today I had to give my email out.

That’s readings like reading a book with an s on the end.


I’ll spell it out. t-a-r-o-t-b-y-a-r-w-e-n dot com.

So that’s [email protected]?

Yes, but it is Tarohhhh not Tarott.

The blank look on the other end of the phone was probably my imagination, right?

But still, what do you think they saw? Pretty Romany girl? Wizened old crone? Evil witch in a black corset? Wizened old pretty witch in a corset?

I look at me and see, well, me. Glasses. Middle-aged. Curly hair. Green eyes. Friendly smile. Great skin.

I don’t see ooky spooky psychic.

Now I can dress the part for sure! I have what I call my Traveller Drag. It’s floaty skirts etc.

And I love it because I look pretty darn good in it. 😀 I have always leaned towards the South Austin Bohemian Yoga Vegan Hooper Hippie style anyway.

There are days when I worry that I will disappoint my clients. Not because of how I read. No, I’m solid there. More because I won’t be their dream reader when I show up in leggings and a shirt. 😀 Do you think they expect this dreamy Romany girl?

What about you? Do you ever think you don’t look the part of whatever it is you are called to be today or tomorrow?

How do you deal with it?

Today’s journal prompt is: How do I present myself to the world?

Romany Reader, Unknown,

#SeekJoy, y’all. Pass it on.

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One thought on “What Do You See?”

  1. Ha, this was an interesting one for me. I don’t present with any flamboyancy at all. No make-up, generally casual clothes. I think sometimes people expect me to be smarter in my day job, and more flamboyant in my side job, so I disappoint on both fronts… Underneath it all, I’m not sure I really want people looking at me. Hmm, that’s something to ponder!
    Thanks for the always interesting prompts, Arwen 🙂

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