Loopy and Naughty!

VintageEroticTarot_0FoolToday’s card is a video. What? That doesn’t make sense? See the pain meds I’m on for clarity.  As I am loopy as all get out, I’m sharing an older video view.

I did a review of the Le Tarot des Femmes Erotiques which uses turn-of-the-century erotica. These women are plump and unshaven which may turn some off. But for me? I think they represent the best of feminity. I get so very tired of the media representations, don’t you? But back to this naughty deck!

I love the feel of this deck but the Youtube review was a bit hard to do. LOL Yes, I am blushing every now and again in it. WHAT? It’s so naughty! You can get your own naughty copy from Beauty, History and Magic.

And! They now have a playing card deck available as well. 😀

Fool, Le Tarot des Femmes Erotiques, self-published

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

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