How Many Unicorns?

Unicorn_9PentaclesToday’s card is from a deck that I own but don’t really work with. It’s a themed deck where the artist worked in the theme in just about every card. Don’t get me wrong! I’m as airy-fairy as the next sparkly pink princess, but at some point 78 unicorns is a few too many.

Still this card reminds me to stop and pet the unicorn–or at least smell the roses. I try to do that when I go for my walks. Now my walks have a purpose. Well they have two purposes. Okay, four really if you do the math. Two dogs who both have to…well, you know!

So I get to see my block at a lot of different times of the day. Early morning grey. Noon blazing sunlight. Late afternoon shade. Night time shadows. It’s nice to see it and know it’s my ‘hood, my turf, my place in the world. And I have to remember to love it even in the downpours, the 100+ heat and all. I have to celebrate the breeze when it hits my sweaty face. I have to celebrate the rain plastering my hair to my head.

It’s all part of my Joy Seeking life, darlings. I have to accept that it is all good.

The Nine of Pentacles is the traditional card of acknowledging success while looking ahead to the next effort. Do you do that often enough? Look yourself in the mirror to congratulate you on a job well done?

If not you, who?

You really must be your own publicist, darling. Toot your horn as much as you toot someone else’s. If someone tells you that you are awesome, say, “thank you.”


Let’s practice that.

You’re awesome!

You know what to do!

Nine of Pentacles, Unicorn Tarot [aff]

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

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One thought on “How Many Unicorns?”

  1. Ha ha, I have to agree – a few too many unicorns 😉
    The Brits are terrible for that: we complain about the rain, the sun, the snow. Never happy with the weather, which is pretty funny given it’s not all that extreme compared to a lot of the world. I try to enjoy the variety, though I’m not always good at it…
    And “Thank You!” 😀

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