July 21-27 2013 Tarotscopes

Here is this week’s Tarotscopes. You bless me when you share them. Thank you.

    • AQUARIUS SEVEN OF PENTACLES Golden goose hunting? Do the work. Ethically. Relentlessly. Daily. Hard work pays off big! Stop hunting. Start doing.
    • PISCES THREE OF PENTACLES Do your own work. Build with others as long as they do their work. Carefully preparation now is key. Lay each brick solidly.
    • ARIES SEVEN OF WANDS Sneaky win? Okay. Sometimes it takes a plot twist to make a great story. Finish your current situation if you want to be free.
    • TAURUS TWO OF CUPS Sweet friendship blossoms. Explore personal relationships. Offer what you have. Share who you are. They are open to meeting.
    • GEMINI TWO OF PENTACLES Balance between what is best for you vs what is best for us challenges this wk. Give you some but save some for the family.
    • CANCER MAGICIAN Go on! Open up. You’ve got tools, will + need. Make things happen by focusing on what you can do. This is about willpower.


  • LEO EIGHT OF PENTACLES Believe in your ability. Don’t let anyone stop you from success. Learn from others’ mistakes. Success comes from trying!
  • VIRGO ACE OF PENTACLES Someone offers help. Part-time job, apprenticeship, intern. Keep your ears open. Accept aid when given. Growth promised.
  • LIBRA TWO OF WANDS Unusual partnership opens your mind to new ways of thinking. Allow others to share. Choices should be made in favor of both.
  • SCORPIO Sorceress(HPS) Listen to Higher Spirit. Whispers from self show you the way to lost joy. Intuitive journey only needs inner GPS.
  • SAGITTARIUS Chariot Magical journeys start with unusual gifts. By staying alert/in charge, you can guide spirit self into a higher realm. Go!
  • CAPRICORN SEVEN OF SWORDS Sometimes? You are your own troll. Stop teasing/baiting your self. Let go of need to win against yourself. Just be at peace.

Last year, in June, I signed up for an run by Leonie G Dawson. I had no questions about renewing this year. And? Everyone who signed up for it last year? Signed up again this year! I think that says something right there about this group. The courses alone are worth the membership. There’s a Raw Food one, a Creative Goddess one and the Business Goddess just to name a few. Some I didn’t take were focused on being Mama Goddesses. When I say it changed my life, I mean that. It took my ??seek joy? focus and amped it up. It’s for any woman who wants to explore her own amazing life. You don’t have to be a business owner (although that IS why I joined it.) The online networking and forums are fabulous even if I don’t take as much advantage of those. 😀 . See if it is a good fit for you.

Here’s Leonie in her own words about how she deals with fear. If you do nothing else today, take seven minutes to watch this video.  This is just ONE of the many videos she freely shares on Youtube.

The truth always lights you up.

Today’s deck is the lovely, and sadly out-of-print, Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt.

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