What Can You Drop?

Undersea_3TridentsToday’s card reminds me that sometimes I take on too much. I don’t let others do. I’m the first one with my hand up in the air volunteering. Here is the Three of Tridents (swords) from the Undersea Tarot.

He is swimming off to do who knows what. His hands are full. Even if something came at him, would he be able to defend himself? I honestly don’t think so. He would have to think about which trident to use while trying not to lose the others.

And haven’t I done that! Overloaded on what I wanted to do. Filled up my personal plate with groups and classes and appointments until I have no wiggle room whatsoever. And certainly no me time.

Yesterday was my day off. I had things I had to do that didn’t get done. Why? Well yesterday it was because of physical therapy. I came home in such pain that I relaxed watching TV then went to bed after taking a pain pill. I have readings that I HAVE to do. One of them is very late. But it’s a bad idea to do a reading while under the influence. I endeavor to not do that.

I also had to cancel a lunch date with a beloved friend. The drive out just seemed daunting given the pain. And I really love this friend.

The only thing I managed to do that was on my schedule was Aphrodite’s Kitchen with Anita Perez, Willow Polson, Mar Nale and Christiana Gaudet. That was a hoot, by the way. As soon as I get the archive link, I’ll share.

But back to our merman and his too-full hands. Can you guess what today’s challenge is?

Yeah, that.

For 180 seconds think about all the things you’ve said you will do. Now figure out how many of them could be done by others. Overachievers, relax. 😀

Three of Tridents, Undersea Tarot, U.S. Games 2008 [aff]

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

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