Enjoy The Blooms

hibiscus732013Today’s card is not a card. It’s a flower. 😀 It’s a late afternoon hibiscus from my hibiscus plant. In the morning it’s a soft tangerine but fades to this peach by the end of day. I love looking down into them.

It’s a reminder to me to find the beauty. This could have been a dandelion. I would have still found the same sweet peaceful joy in looking at it.

How often do I go about my daily agenda without ever glancing out the patio door. And that’s all it takes, y’all. Just a moment to glance out…to see…to seek. How often do I forget to do that?

This is my reminder to me to enjoy the blooms while they are here.

That’s all.

Just enjoy the blooms.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Hibiscus, Stephanie Arwen Lynch, 7/3/2013

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