Tarotscopes June 30 – July 6, 2013

Hey, y’all! Are you like me? I mean, do you believe, deep in your heart, that you can have a soul-full life, a success-full biz, and do a lot of good for the world in the process? Your weekly Tarotscopes are just below, but please let me take a moment of your time to share why I think Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz and Life Academy really is amazing. Yeah, marketing, but honestly, it’s something I truly believe in. 🙂

  1. It’s a year’s subscription.
  2. You can take a course when it is offered or you can take it when you like.
  3. You do it all on your schedule.
  4. The already-in-place community will welcome you with open arms.
  5. You will meet women who’ve been where you are and will help you get where you want to be.

My friend Leonie Dawson has created something that’s changing the lives and businesses of SO many women around the world in a way that’s never been seen before. Or maybe just not acknowledged. Anywho..read on! 🙂

leoniehandwritingfaceLeonie, mom-artist-wife-dazzling-spirit, created the Amazing Biz and Life Academy, which gives you over $3800 (!!!!) of business and marketing programs to create a powerful and profitable business, zen-your-mind meditations, creativity, spirituality, home and health e-courses to help you live your best life yet. It is a complete toolkit for transforming whatever part of your biz or life you want to focus on.

I’ve been a member since May 2012. It’s worth it to me!

There’s a ton of info about the Academy and Leonie available at the link above. I hope you’ll check it out.

P.S. Investing in education and learning from someone who’s done what you want to do is the best way to make your dreams come true. Leonie is one of those women who can really teach you how to make it happen, in a completely heart-centered, open-book, “let’s change the world for real” kind of way.

She’s changed my world, y’all. She’s one of the reasons my message of “Seek joy, y’all” has gone international. Now here are your Tarotscopes. But do click that link! It will open in a new page so you won’t lose your ‘scopes! And at the very least, sign up for the free goodies. Her newsletter bring me joy!

Seek joy, y’all

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June 30-July 6, 2013 Tarotscopes

  • AQUARIUS LOVERS Sometimes, it’s okay to let go + let love. Allowing spiritual connection brings a deeper understanding of self. Union.
  • PISCES FIVE OF SWORDS Let go of thoughts that don’t serve. Let go of those who enforce such thoughts. Clean cuts heal. Mental health week.
  • ARIES DEVILSometimes the devil you don’t know is the one to choose. Don’t let bad choices become bad habits. Mistakes can be corrected.
  • TAURUS TEMPERANCE Balance is key. Overdoing inner or outer isn’t working. Energy renewed when you honor both sides of self.
  • GEMINI THREE OF PENTACLES Committee work. Growth comes if you stick to the plan as laid out. Deviation may be more fun, but less productive.
  • CANCER QUEEN OF CUPS They may need sheltering arms. Give comfort when asked. Do the same for yourself. Good week for personal indulgence.
  • LEO ACE OF WANDS Might as well start. Passion entices you. Open your spirit. Get going. Life’s not waiting so why are you? Start the fire.
  • VIRGO FIVE OF WANDS A little friendly competition comes your way. “Take the bet. They’re gonna regret because you’re the best there is.” 🙂
  • LIBRA THREE OF SWORDS Leaving what you love isn’t easy. Necessary next step. Hold on to forward movement. Think yourself clear of painful thoughts.
  • SCORPIO MOON A path calls. Hard to see the way but follow your heart. Change inevitable. It’s a cycle. Watch mood swings please. Not pretty.
  • SAGITTARIUS NINE OF WANDS Success is hard-won but don’t stop scrambling for it. Feed your personal fires. Stoke your passion. More battles coming, winner.
  • CAPRICORN NINE OF CUPS Heart’s desire. Right here. Right now. Don’t make a wish. Make a plan. Achievable goal to reach those stars you want.

Today’s deck was the Faerie Tarot from U.S. Games. This is a charming colorful deck. Love it! 😀

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